Grievous Angel

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Grievous Angel

the cosmic cowboy
on a deadly cocktail
of alcohol and morphine
to ease the pain
to ease the heartache
to ease the way
to redemption

Louisiana bound
to a friendless funeral
stolen away
in a cheap hearse
five gallons of gasoline
and a lighted match
in an open coffin at Cap Rock
under the Joshua trees

a blazing fireball
of wasted dreams
a flame so bright
it burnt the southern skies
a supernova
by the implosion
of a broken heart

buried In the garden
of memories
away from where he died
but those who remember
build small stone monuments
and add their prayers
where his spirit drifts
the great Mojave

wings unfurled
at peace now
soaring free
grievous angel



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Laura Taylor

Fri 24th Jan 2014 15:51

Aye, one of my favourite songs of all time that still has the power to tear me in two is Hot Burrito #1. Nice tribute :)

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alan barlow

Tue 21st Jan 2014 23:03

i enjoyed this a lot great piece and rip Cecil

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Gray Nicholls

Mon 20th Jan 2014 12:44

big fan of gram parsons. truely a grevious angel.

should have become more of a bigger star than he was, but some people are like that sadly. destined to become influencial cult figures.


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Graham Sherwood

Sat 18th Jan 2014 15:56

Brings back memories of Easy Rider to me Ian. Gram Parsons, another forever young star (lucky bugger). In the immortal words of Neil Young-
"better to burn out than fade away" or something like that.

Nice piece anyway Ian.

regards, Graham

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