Christmas Poem for Cathy (2013)

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Put your head against mine
On Christmas morning
Just before the Alarm goes off
And your cats start marching
Up and down in your kitchen
And remember what it was like,
Of the way Snow used to come down
Outside where you used to live
Leaving that taxi taking us to my parents
Going up and down that hill
Like it was trying to tackle
A ski slope rather than a ride out,
In particular when I knocked off
All of the labels skidding down the road
Leaving us guessing all the way down
Whose present was who’s
Much to the amusement
Of both my father and brother,
And on the way back
When the taxi driver
Couldn’t get his taxi going again
And I had to help him
Push it back up the hill
In a attempt to get kickstart it,
Totally defying gravity
A lot like what your cats do
Every morning.


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Andy N

Mon 30th Dec 2013 12:53

thankfully it was on a set rate, nigel. lol.

glad you liked it m8. bit of a jigsaw poem this one if you know what i mean.

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Nigel Astell

Sat 28th Dec 2013 17:52

Up and down that snow white hill
hope that meter was not running high
it's double rate you know Christmas time.

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Andy N

Fri 27th Dec 2013 11:08

thanks M.C. I wrote it really for my partner, but she loved it that much she suggested i blog it and as i like it too, here we go. glad you like it and hope you had a good xmas / regards for next year.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 26th Dec 2013 16:06

Personal - yet with the general appeal of
events that most of us can identify with at
this time of year.

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