Regarding the BBC's lack of coverage...

Regarding the BBC's lack of coverage at the Manchester Demonstration during the Protests at the Conservative Conference in Manchester during September 2013

Would the recent, peaceful demonstration
In the middle of Manchester
Just before the Conservative Conference in Manchester
At the Manchester International Centre
Got more coverage by the BBC
Instead of a minor side story
If they had been 50, 000 suicide bombers
Instead of 50,000 peaceful demonstrators?

Would it have got more coverage?
If it had got more hostile
For whatever reason
And the Police got the horses out
Re-creating without planning
A bloody re-creation of Peterloo
Leaving bodies on the floor
Like maimed rats.

Would they have swarmed towards it
Like bees to a honey pot
If the violence had increased
Up and down Piccadilly Gardens
Then onto Deansgate
Smashing up and down windows
Until the glass shattered like water
Leaving the air smelling of fear.

Very likely I am saddened to say.

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Andy N

Tue 8th Oct 2013 12:48

Have been following this discussion guys. I don't know your story, Tommy little before my time but it's very interesting reading which in my humble opinion should be a poem itself and kinda sums up a lot of stuff you see nowadays even it is 30 years later!

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 7th Oct 2013 20:20

Hi GN- I was at the 1983 election of Terry Fields as the Broadgreen MP (Liverpool)I watched as the BBC's live coverage was turned off when it became evident that Terry (ex fireman)a well known Militant was about to be elected. They were prepared to cover the expected defeat of Terry but NOT his victory. Such bias happens a hundred times a day in radio tv and press.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Oct 2013 16:13

I have had past experience complaining about
the BBC's coverage of something else (before
Patten joined) and was informed that the Trust
did not interfere with operational (on the
ground) decisions. That was the province of
channel controllers and programmers and other
hands-on decision makers.

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Gray Nicholls

Mon 7th Oct 2013 13:04

thanks to Andy, Bill and Lynn for their kind comments over their poem.

To answer M.C. - this poem is about the BBC's shameful lack of coverage in this demo at least partly I feel to Lord Patten's clear political leanings with links etc as Bill has said but more to do with the fact and the way the news is reported nowadays when if it had kicked off into a riot, it would have been on the news for days like the Manchester Riots was a few years back.

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Lynn Dye

Sat 5th Oct 2013 23:05

Good points. I find it sad that 50,000 strong does not get the coverage it deserves. Well said.

<Deleted User> (8795)

Sat 5th Oct 2013 22:40

Excellent - that what poetry is about -the truth.
It's no coincidence that Lord Patten, the current head of the BBC has direct links to a company heavily involved in private healthcare.

He is a member of the European Advisory Board for a private equity investment company called Bridgepoint.

Most of the politicians in the Tory Party have links to a myriad of companies which are currently ripping our NHS to shreds.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Oct 2013 16:03

Interesting. I would have thought the poem's
"question" would've been aimed at ITV etc. rather
than the BBC whose alleged bias chimes with the
job ads. placed in "The Guardian".
So - where was the missing coverage complained
of - and why was it absent?

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Andy N

Thu 3rd Oct 2013 13:50

the truth to put it simply.

i love honest poetry like this.

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