All I have to do
Is tip her…
All over my lips, at first, then
She starts to go down
Better than the rest
Her wicked whip of joy cracks with a satisfaction
Snatched euphoria glitters on a crush
And then, oh the rush!
She slips to that place only she knows
My god, she knows where to go
And knows what to do when she gets there
Which, naturally, she does, so quickly
The blood rushes to my skull
I throw my head back as the electricity switches on
Numbing my eyes
Dumbing my senses
Senselessness repels my attempt to control her
So why try?
I let her slide all over my body
Her smoky face hazes, it raises the hairs on my neck
Then, she goes for the kill
With a skill, a precision unchallenged
She hits the spot.
My hearts stops, clots, then fires pistons
Visions blur, my head swims with a radiance
And as my rapture spills to the air all around
The sound of her pleasures ring in my ears
And weak tears swell in my eyes
Sending me to ecstasy
As I slump, relax, exhale
But as always, she is ready for me again
All I have to do, is tip her
And down she goes.
For she is as good as they come;
By far and above the only one
My most beautiful, my smooth sultress
My delectable



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 22nd May 2013 01:52

This is clever - and funny. Neat trick - 'all over my body' instead of 'all through...' I suspected a joke with all the hyperbole, but you kept it very tight. Good one.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 22nd May 2013 00:20

oh you!
you had poor old Mr Wilde driven into a frenzy!


Clever stuff Simon-bottoms up!xx

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