Messerschmitt Death Machine

Messerschmitt Death Machine

Yankee terror bombers fly overhead to bomb our cities and our military targets.

Stop them! Quick, into our Messerschmitt 109G’s.                                                                          

Take off; rise up to do battle with the infidels armed with their fifty calibre super heavy machine guns.                                                                                                                

We have a few toys too! We drop 500-pound bombs on B-17s timed to go off and send them to hell!

One-way ticket, don’t forget to pay the ferry man.                                          

Backed up by big fat 30mm cannon in the engine, punch big fat holes into the terror bombers - kill them!                                                                                                                                            

Twin 13mm guns in the engine cowling to rat-atat-tat the big bad yanks.                                              

And two 20mm cannons, one under each wing to do more killing and bomber destruction or two 210mm rockets to kill from stand off range, break up their formations to execute them one at a time.                                                                          

Messerschmitt 109G death machine, weapons platform.                                                                   

What about Focke Wulf 190? Four 20mm guns, two 13mm guns, bombs, rockets or 30mm guns.

Use these up, ram the bastards!

Official suicide squad, Nazi style.

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