The Addict

It’s only one more
What harm will it do?
If you really loved me like I do with you
Then you’d let me just have it, no fussing or fighting,
Not sitting here giving me daggers, me lightning
And watching me suffer; I’ll make this the last,
I promise from this day forward I’ll fast
I’ll become a new man; just you wait and see,
But for now will you not be a bastard to me
And just hand it on over; I’ll not ask again,
I’ll open these wrists; how will you feel then?
When I’m lying here dead, my blood on the floor,
Knowing you could have done so much more,
But chose not to bother, for what? Bit daft really
It seems like you over exaggerate, clearly!
It’s you with the problem, see me, I’m just fine,
I don’t touch the vodka or wash down the wine,
My only addiction, a small thing at best,
See look, I’m getting it all off my chest,
I’m already improving, it’s just as you said,
Now let’s put this whole sorry chapter to bed,
And just give me that thing that I need the most,
If you don’t, then just consider me a ghost,
I’ll disappear, and you’ll not see me for dust,
I will find it somewhere, in that you can trust,
You think it’s so hard, so keep it, my love,
And see if I care, I’ll soon rise above
But for now let’s not fight, I love you my darling,
I don’t want to sit here bitching and snarling,
I’ll do you a deal, it’s a good one, you’ll see
Now how about after I’ve counted to three,
You let me just have it and then it is done,
And on this occassion we'll accept that you've won,
No more will be said; we’ll leave it behind,
Now stop being difficult, give me what’s mine.
Or I’ll leave you I swear; you can go rot in hell,
There’s plenty more fish in the sea, can’t you tell?
In fact, what’s the point, how dare you do this!
I am the victim, a point you have missed?
Regardless, irrelevant; man I feel sick,
Please help me baby, or i'll slip away quick
You can still save me; you know what to do,
Just give me the fucking pill!

...Make that two.




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Wed 8th May 2013 23:27

"what harm will it do?"
I like this.

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