Samantha Louise and Sweet Sarah Jane

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I wanted a boy to continue the strain

But failed in my wish; instead I would gain

Samantha Louise and sweet Sarah Jane.


Presented as such with these fait accomplis

I tried best I could to be Daddy to these

Sweet Sarah Jane and Samantha Louise.


I’ve loved them through sunshine; I’ve loved them through rain,

Through happiness, tears, through laughter and pain

Samantha Louise and sweet Sarah Jane.


We had no great calling, nor great expertise

Our Gert and myself - no more than trainees;

In bringing up kids there’s no guarantees


I’d put them to bed (with songs, in the main)

Then watch them for hours as sleeping they’d lain

Samantha Louise and sweet Sarah Jane.


And now that they’re grown-ups they come for their teas

But ask “Can we come?”  I say, “Yes” (but mean, “Please!”)

Sweet Sarah Jane and Samantha Louise.


Did I mention I’m proud?  There! I’ve said it again.

Our love self-evident, honest and plain for

Samantha Louise and sweet Sarah Jane.

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Chris Co

Wed 30th Jan 2013 09:43

Sentimental sod :) Spot-on.



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M.C. Newberry

Tue 29th Jan 2013 23:21

Effortlessly touching in its honest truth.

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 29th Jan 2013 20:57

Lovely, lovely, lovely, John.

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Ledger de la Bald

Tue 29th Jan 2013 20:41

Beautiful John, just beautiful!

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John Coopey

Mon 28th Jan 2013 22:20

Samantha Louise is, of course, every bit as sweet as Sarah Jane (but doesn't need the syllabic input).

tony sheridan

Mon 28th Jan 2013 20:16

Beautiful. Thank heavens for little girls. Do you remember that song? Take care, Tony.

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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 28th Jan 2013 19:11

Ahh what a lovely tribute.Well written JC. Wocher doin' in a whistle ' n' flute?

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