With the exceptions of some fine buildings and inspirational songs that have appeared here over the years,, I'm not a fan of man-made religions.  I realised long ago, with the Crown Versus Church struggle, that it is

essentially about control.  And the sight of those gorgeous robes and the rest of the paraphernalia on show

merely enforces my cynicism and finds me reverting to my school day "religious instruction" (those words

give the game away) and the image of a Christ who would certainly NOT have presumed to affect such presumptious posturing finery himself.  What rank does the Son of God - let alone the son of a carpenter - aspire to?

And an even more telling point:  I cannot recall any time when established religion of whatever proclaimed

faith has ever put the word "love" at the sharp end of its teachings.  Oh yes, there is plenty of pious stuff

about forgiving our trespasses (with religion deciding what is acceptable!),  but WHERE is the bit about love - when Christ himself is supposed to exhorted us all to "love one another"?.

Until that word features prominently in the daily teachings and the examples set by man-made religions, I

shall continue to restrict my interest to the buildings and a few good songs.  As for  those without good

songs, they haven't a hope in hell of persuading me of the existence of their good humour OR their interest in my personal well-being.

I am not an "unbeliever" in an afterlife as such.  I sense there is more to existence than we can know.  My reassurance takes a simple form.

Can you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel a television signal.  No.  BUT if you possess the right

equipment and you're on the same wavelength,  there it is and you get the picture!  I see life beyond this mortal flesh in that sense and it comforts me.

Here endeth the lesson!





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M.C. Newberry

Thu 17th Jan 2013 22:21

Harry - Perhaps mankind has been brainwashed into using religion as an "excuse" or "reason" for its actions and feels justified for base acts by using it is a shield. The bible is all about interpretation, is it not? Full of contradictory guidance, its sheer age - from woefully ignorant times - is another reason for being extremely circumspect when proclaiming any "faith" and using that faith for a guide for human conduct. As for "pious"...I never thought of that in terms of piety. The former (for me) conjures up eye-rolling hypocrisy and holy-joe humbug, whereas the latter seems very much closer to the real saintly thing that is so laudable because of its genuine rarity. The Church in Ireland lost much real influence when revealed to be partial in areas of political violence. No piety there then, but plenty of pious performers in the pulpit for sure!!

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 16th Jan 2013 17:00

M.C.(Had to come back)...when I think of some of the treacherous, snidey, robbing bastards who have `trespassed` against me in the past I find the idea of forgiveness a million miles away from `pious` - more like heroic....But ifthe situation in the Middle east or Ireland is to ever be resolved (for instance) someone is going to have to forgive someone.

And be fair, you can`t get in to most churches for the noise of the singin`

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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 14th Jan 2013 17:07

Well said, M.C. Would any other exhortation be required if Altruistic love were the primary premise?

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 14th Jan 2013 16:52

The human desire to impart the unknown with a
human identity, as in the coming of Christ to
this planet in our form, is understandable - &
a quick way of getting your "word" across if you seek to convert others to your way of thinking.
The "chicken and egg" question that our intelligence provides has yet to be resolved
when considering creation in the religious sense, and in a more ignorant world the easiest way is to ignore it altogether or
respond to it as "beyond our understanding" -
which, of course, it is.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 13th Jan 2013 22:04

Regarding your point about`more to existence than we know:

I know the arguments about `Paley`s Watch`and design,
but every time I listen to dear old national treasure David Attenborough (and he is a national treasure)relating his anti-theism...and then look at the amazingly interlocking and almost miraculously colourful and fascinating scenes photographed by his
wonderful phographers behind him as he speaks, I can`t help suspecting that someone `up there` is taking a bit of a rise out of him.

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John Coopey

Sun 13th Jan 2013 17:33

Food for thought, MC.
...and an honest form too. No pretence of "free verse" by the ritual chopping of prose into little lines.

tony sheridan

Fri 11th Jan 2013 19:10

Nice one M.C. What is the point in a large universe that may be full of life if death is oblivion? Take care, Tony.

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