Gordon Brown - where can you be?

You're never seen in the H of P.

Are you running some religious order

Somewhere north of England's border?

Avoiding each and every mention

Of some poor soul with a vanished pension,

Or how -  citing prudence - brash and bold

You made a sale of the Nation's gold.

To see our neighbours grab this steal

You'd think they'd won "Deal - or No Deal".

So when the Tories got the vote

There was no water in the moat

To keep the creditors from the door...

Your  leaving just left Britain poor.

No more giving away banknotes

And hoping for  those pay back votes.

What you did was bang out of order

So stay up there beyond that border,

We don't care if we never see

Any sign of Gordon. Brown MP.







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Tommy Carroll

Mon 14th Jan 2013 22:53

''MC. I suspect I sit a little left of you (though not as near the touchline as a lot of these barmpots!).'' HAHA

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Lynn Dye

Sat 12th Jan 2013 07:57

Well, it's your poem, MC, and you make your points well. Don't get me started on the current government though! :-)

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 11th Jan 2013 16:27

I don't recall mention of the "global banking crisis" (shades of "global warming"!!) when this person was flogging off the nation's gold reserves (years ago) at bargain basement price or plundering our renowned private pension schemes to fund tax breaks and hand-outs at a time when NHS nurses and doctors took 2nd place to huge "buggins turn" levels of micro-management that have almost sunk that great service, putting countless patients at risk from in-house infection leading to death in its care. At the same time that UK government was also sending (and increasing?) UK billions p.a. to the EU...not the way, in my view, to instill confidence in the ability of a chancellor/PM who boasted of his "prudence" managing our finances
during many years in power.

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Lynn Dye

Fri 11th Jan 2013 08:28

Hi MC, good poem, but have to say I totally agree with our good friend, John.
It was actually the global banking crisis that caused our deficit, which has only risen in the last two and a half years.
Even so, I am no fan of Brown, agree with John on that one too.

tony sheridan

Thu 10th Jan 2013 19:47

Love this! Take care, Tony.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 10th Jan 2013 19:23

JC - you are too gracious by half towards that dour smug pot of ambition! I am intrigued by the number of politicians with Scottish connections who have shafted this country...and he is one...minus the grinning ninny smarm that his predecessor used to fool so many and which irritated the hell out of me. I always watch the speed with which a smile leaves a face, an infallible guide to its sincerity. Both Blair and Brown failed the test.
Laura - Confucious, he say "Change is as good as rest". I rest my case :-)
Yvonne - Agreed; thanks.

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John Coopey

Thu 10th Jan 2013 17:41

Enjoyed the poem, MC. I suspect I sit a little left of you (though not as near the touchline as a lot of these barmpots!).
Personally though I always felt a little sorry for GB. Shafted politically by Blair, managed the economy perfectly well for so long, became PM just as we and the rest of the world hit recession, but crucially lacking charisma and leadership qualities. Not a man I could warm to.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 10th Jan 2013 10:28

MCN doing political poetry?! Well, never thought I'd see the day...

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 9th Jan 2013 18:01

flash it up in lights of neon
Good riddance to the scottish scion!
excellent little ditty M C xx

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