That's so gay

When we think about the freedoms

our ancestors thought for,

the cracking of the great enigma.

Futile hopes soaked in apple-core tears

crashing like a faulty application.


Remember, that's so gay.


When you websling like Spidey

page to page.

From songs on YouTube,

to memes about Derp...

remember his hurt.


Remember, that's so gay.


If literature excites you,

if language delights you.

If joy burns like a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

as you turn pages both paper and digital.



Remember, that's so gay.


Think of the first British man

to excel at basketball

across the Atlantic

where he'd go to play

in the NBA.


Remember, that's so gay.


Whether you're a Whovie

finding time-space so groovy.

Or one who finds humour so merry

when Barney exhales and says

legend *wait for it* dary!


Remember, that's so gay.


Whether you're the class clown,

a sporting stand out,

geeky, musical, artistic

or finding your way

some amongst you may be gay.


Remember, that's ok.

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Tom Harding

Fri 11th Jan 2013 19:13

'That's so gay' was a phrase abused for years by school kids up and down the country in the 90s as another meaning for lame or naff.
Good efforts to reclaim it.

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Fri 11th Jan 2013 11:18

Frank and funny! They certainly cover a lot of ground those gays x

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