The History of the World Part Four

The history of the world part four


Welcome to the history of the world part four

Part one is everything else that’s gone before

Parts two and three are you and me

And together it’s a volume delivered free


Welcome to your deepest desires

Destroy them, crush them, consign them to the fires

Welcome to the history of the world part four

Available to anyone keeping the score


We must insist you sign the non-disclosure

Don’t reveal your feelings: They’re not so pure.

Confirm on the dotted line your deepest emotions

For they are the source of your inner commotions.


Welcome to the history of the world part four,

Nothing here about world events just me and you for sure

The only facts that matter are the colour of your eyes

The softness of your lips and the feelings I can’t deny.


When it’s all over they’ll file our words away

Words of love and compassion saved for another day.

Everything we’ve known and nothing more

All recorded in the history of the world part four.


◄ Her Prisoner of War.

Death Comes Without Warning ►


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 15th Feb 2012 17:05

much enjoyed-thank's Steve.

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