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Halloween Party Pooper


Sorry to disappoint any Halloween hosts,

But I can’t seem to find the heart,

When confronted with vampires and ghosts,

I am just a boring old fart.


It’s an American thing, not British at all.

My childhood passed well enough without.

Therefore, this palaver is not my call,

I hardly know what it is about!


Halloween had never come to my street,

Unaware till I was twenty-nine,

So the first time I was asked, “Trick or treat?”

Well, I’d just never heard that line.


My man now says, “Shut the curtains quick!

And don’t answer the ruddy door!”

I feel mean but it gets on my wick.

Oh, why does it have to be such a chore?       


Now our club is holding a Halloween do.

I just knew there’d have to be a hitch.

I’ll make an excuse though I’m sure it’s true

That I would make an excellent witch!


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Dave Bradley

Sun 30th Oct 2011 23:10

Well done, Lynn, for putting your head above the parapet. There's more money to be made from Halloween than Guy Fawkes - that's one reason why it's being pushed.

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Lynn Dye

Sun 30th Oct 2011 23:01

Thank you everyone. I am not normally such a grouch, just don't think much of Halloween!

Stef,(Uncle Fester!) you are right about Guy Fawkes - he seems to have died a death, lol, or rather been forgotten about, although fireworks seem to last a whole month... oh dear, I'm starting off on another tangent now... lol. Night night from Mrs.moany Witch xx

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 30th Oct 2011 01:00

Curmudgeonly!! But I quite understand where you are coming from - and I love the self-deprecating pay-off at the end.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 29th Oct 2011 18:35

hey Lynn-
on one hand you think(mistakenly)
that you would make'an excellent witch'

not as good as the 'Uncle Fester'
I would make-hee hee

I agree with the comments by Philipos
it is mainly an excuse for scrounging.
having your windows put through
if you don,t cough up-haha

you never seem to see many kids pushing
the effigies of Guy Fawkes
like they used to?

Tricia says she would make a bomb-
(forgive the unintended pun)
with me because I,m a little effigy.
she did,nt say what of though-haha.

enjoyed light heartedness
of the poem very much.

keep 'em coming
Mrs. Nofear!

love (don,t look behind you)

and FrankenStef Wilde.xx

<Deleted User> (9801)

Sat 29th Oct 2011 18:04

Spooky! you made me laugh, Been there done it haha xxx


Sat 29th Oct 2011 16:47

Nuther excuse for scrounging some say Lynn. But even the toffs our way send their kids round knocking on doors with welcome trickers.

Guess we all like bogeymen stories, depends on the area I spose and whether or not it is allowed to get out of hand. And yes, blame the yanks.

Thanks for sharing.

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