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Dave Makin

Updated: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 05:50 pm

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Dave Makin is living his busy life of quiet desperation in the hills of Saddleworth. Is he an old fart who writes a bit of poetry, or an old poet who farts? This and other questions are of no interest to anyone. He firmly believes that if one swallows a live toad at sunrise then the rest of the day can only get better and ones creative juices will flow - [from all available orifices.] He is available for Weddings and Funerals, but only as a spectator. He also undertakes a little light dusting. He can also be found somewhere in the labyrinth of utube as "The Scrutator"


A VERY SPATIAL RELATIONSHIP. The by-pass swoops out of town and up the hill dividing a community with four-lane thoughtlessness, then seeking to redress with hindsight footbridge. Most kids ignore it - -choosing to run the gauntlet risk of worse than reddened cheek. This day however that span up-held a figure, a blind man with his dog, which as my speeding car drew near looked down, then gently stopped its master so I should pass beneath without a chance of clash. Im sure he realized..yet still allowed the dog its choice. I guessed that neath his coat thered be both belt and braces to complement the sturdy canine harness. I smiled as rear-view mirror registered a gap being bridged by two friends moving on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DREAMING NOT WRITING. I'm all at sea; yet my well is dry. Those spurts that set me off - - where are they now? I need a Director shouting “cue the muses”. Yeah, CUE, Calliope,Euterpe,Erato. Erato my favourite- but now Absenta ! Tis rumoured shes returned to Greece with that car salesman - - educating Ronald ! Anyhow…fuck it She was starting a moustache and her mothers a cow.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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<Deleted User> (6327)

Tue 3rd Nov 2009 19:53

hi there dave,
thanks for reading the poem "always there never to be forgotten". you've intrigued me has what made you think it was a dog the poem was about :)
enjoyed reading your poems :)

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Richard Brooks

Thu 10th Jul 2008 14:27

I'll have her on the wekends, you can have her mon- wed, thurs and fri are her nights off

<Deleted User> (7790)

Sun 3rd Jun 2007 10:12

Your poems, your word play, your ideas.... are brilliant and so very funny. Thank you.

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