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The irate bull

That occasionally

Shows up in a scene

Of a twisted dream,

Doesn’t charge towards me



An old, familiar house

That had granted no entries,

Is tonight welcoming me

With wide open door.


All the forgotten memories

Begin surfacing up

Without disturbances.


I no longer

Hear the dreadful

Sirens of an unexpectedly

Nearing ambulance.


I see filmy landscapes,

Immaculate cityscapes,

And witness some




I’m sometimes engagingly

Watching a melodrama

Unravel between the

Red-velvet drapes;

Applauding at the end

Of every take.


Nothing intervenes

My night sleep;

Eyes don’t

Open in between,

And the heart

Doesn’t scream,


I’m sure

Something enigmatic

Has gathered access

To my dreams.


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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 17th Apr 2024 16:44

Thanks a ton for sharing this, it's magnificent!
"hopes are rags in paper bags," what a line!
And I loved the ending lines too,
"if you would only measure me
dear saint, angel, lover, please
a fool before a poet, you say
is so much easier to please"

The lines that hit me hard were,
"I'm begging at your window
mistakes strewn around my feet
those I couldn't bear to face
lie littered in the street"

Thanks again,
This is a masterpiece and it surely helps😊

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 17th Apr 2024 16:28

here's a very old dream poem from 2014 to illustrate how convoluted they can be:

I stand pleading at your window
baying to the hollow night
a puppet on my left hand
a cracked bell in my right
I know that you won't recognize
the pastiche that I've become
hopes are rags in paper bags
my confidence undone,
I'm begging at your window
mistakes strewn around my feet
those I couldn't bear to face
lie littered in the street
if you would only measure me
dear saint, angel, lover, please
a fool before a poet, you say
is so much easier to please

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 17th Apr 2024 13:16

Hi David,

Dreams and dreaming is perhaps a vast subject to reflect on I believe?

It's rather fascinating how just a glimpse of something that you'd have seen a week ago appears in your dream the following week, eventhough it meant merely as important as compared to other great events throughout the week.

Thank you for enlightening me about the amygdala and it's effects. Omg, this is more fascinating now. I need to some research work, thanks to you.

And yes, indeed it's just fascinating to just immerse ourselves into whatever comes up and sums up.
Childhood times were the best for dreaming, I hardly remember one now, but I can surely resonate with whatever you've told, David.

Haha! That's one way to look at it, perhaps I'm the intimidating bigger bull now!
Thank you for such an eloquent comment, David. It was almost like reading a version of summary, which is very nice of you. Thank you for taking out time to read my poem and leaving such an informational and generous comments. Means a lot to me.

Good day to you!

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David RL Moore

Wed 17th Apr 2024 11:06

Hi Manish,

It is unusual how we enter and exit periods of lucid dreaming having no apparent control of it.

Of course our subconscious is guiding us, that said I believe there is a trigger for our dream-states. Whether that is some external force or otherwise, who knows? I suspect it is something deep within triggered by some event in our waking moments that returns during sleep.

The amygdala is at the heart of much of this, it deals with processing fear and trauma (among other things, if it works properly) One of the most ancient articles of our human anatomy, therefore I believe one in which much generational mystery may well be stored.

Possibly in our dream-states we are able to access that lizard like muscle, or maybe it interacts with our sleeping brain in a way it cannot during our waking moments. It would be comforting to think that we can manipulate it as much as it might manipulate us, but who knows. Either way our dreams are fascinating worlds in which to immerse ourselves.

When I was a child I thought I could switch my dreams over like TV channels by turning over from one side of my body to the other, I remember it vividly. Alas, this is no longer the case and my dreams now control their own destiny.

An interesting piece of writing which has generated attention.

Regarding the Bull that no longer charges, I hope this is because he is no longer scared or cornered...of course "The Bull" could be you. Either way I'm with the Bull especially if he is being agitated by men.


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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 17th Apr 2024 10:17

I'm so overwhelmed with all of your generous comments towards my poem, thank you so very much Keith, Holden, Stephen A, Prakhar, Stephen G and Graham. It means the world to me.😊
Like Graham has perfectly mentioned, "it's almost a shame that they come to an end." I only wish they continued the next day.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 17th Apr 2024 07:47

A great read Manish, but then dreams are rich pickings for poem subjects aren’t they.
It’s almost a shame they come to an end. Your writing is much more involved these days. It’s great to watch how your works are developing

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 17th Apr 2024 06:59

This is one of the best poems I have seen recently, Manish. So inventive and original.

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prakhar dhama

Wed 17th Apr 2024 00:03

Beautifully written, Manish. 👏

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 16th Apr 2024 22:45

You get better & better, Manish. An intriguing little gem. 👏

Holden Moncrieff

Tue 16th Apr 2024 20:57

A wonderful, profound poem, Manish, brimming with intriguing and evocative scenes! I think the first stanza is my favourite😊🌷

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keith jeffries

Tue 16th Apr 2024 17:51

An interesting poem. The enigma which has gained access to your dreams is probably the ability to rationalise your feelings, espcially those of fear.
Thank you for this,

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