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The moon shines bright,

Although having

More than one crater,

The sun plays

Its part explicitly,

But the moon

Is not less



I’m sometimes

Suffocatingly surrounded

By unwanted opinions,

Discouraging remarks,

Cynicism, criticism,

And boiling hatred

Towards something



But I still write,

I still intentionally

Swim against the tide,

And mindfully hide

What’s meant to be

Discreet and hidden,

I no longer let critics

Have my art tethered.


My words still make

Sense to many,

They still shine bright

Persistently, although

Having more than one


I am my dear art’s



I’m here to win,

But when it often

Gets hard to swim,

I hear a sagacious man’s

Voice echoing from within,

Poets need thick skin,”

And I let that entirely



I’m constantly reminded

That I’m here for a cause;

To keep on writing

Without a mere pause,

I’m getting closer to it,

I feel it from within,

Nothing to cut me off,

I’m here for the win.   


(PS, thank you Graham)



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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 16th Apr 2024 18:09

Thank you so much, my friend. Your words of encouragement and constant support means the world to me.😇

Tim Higbee

Tue 16th Apr 2024 14:12

The only true freedom in the world is within our mind. No one can fully understand the inner space in which we write from. We indeed must have thick skin for the critic's tongue is forged in personal perspective and can only damage if we let it.
You are definitely here for a cause my friend. Thanks for sharing.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 16th Apr 2024 07:00

Keith, thank you for the most heartening and generous comment, it means the world.😊
Leon, yes my friend, thank you.👍

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leon stolgard

Mon 15th Apr 2024 13:34

Keep on keeping on Manish 👍

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keith jeffries

Mon 15th Apr 2024 13:10

' I still intentionally swim against the tide'. Ths is your individuality shining through. Writing requires determination and perseverance and you have both. An excellent poem.
Thank you for this,

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