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Why are we waiting?

I wonder if it could be today

that Jesus and or His Dad will be dropping in on us?

or will they continue to remain reigning 

in that supposedly saints and angels populated kingdom

on the other side of the sky?

( or wherever )

leaving us to go on wondering

if He/They are ever going to return at all?


Doesn't He ( J.C. ) and His Perfect Pater realise

that His/Their promise has in a way locked Him/Them

into a kind of spiritual compound of our tiresome expectations?


There again come to think of it

it could be that having left the descent to earth for far too long

that the hinges on the gates of Heaven

have inoperabley rusted over


now then!


if A.I. and Amazon haven't by now sorted out some kind of

vertical communication

and a WD40 spray can delivery with/to the celestial Duo

what can yer say!




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Rose Casserley

Wed 17th Apr 2024 17:10

Praise indeed be to all of the goodly uprights for likeably condoning and/or courteously commenting on this milarkeyesque piece of absolute nonsenesicality 👍

namely Tom/Hugh/Keith/Manish/Dilsonn/Bethany

Rose 💋

Bethany Sallis

Tue 16th Apr 2024 13:39

Ooooh Rose, don't push your blaspheming luck! 😯


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keith jeffries

Tue 16th Apr 2024 10:43

A poem with a spiritual enquiry. Scripture tells us that we shall not know the hour or the day when the Son of Man cometh. As you say, is he dragging his feet so to speak? Scripture forecasts the 'end times' when Christ will come in all his glory. Yet I also, with some theological background, believe that our personal deaths are also such a moment. Everything about our lives is transient, nothing is permanent so an end is on the cards. Make of this as you will.
This poem is probably often passing through the thoughts of many. I don't think the hinges are rusty. WD40 should be in an abundance in the world which awaits us. I hope they serve a good Rioja as well, but I am prepared to settle for a Gin and Tonic.
Thanks for this,

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