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The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah


When I’m old and knackered and all my body parts

have fallen into disrepair, need regular jump starts

If my eyes can’t see and I can’t hear what you say

don’t force feed me with remedies, just help me on my way


My poor old mum’s been poorly, in fact she had a fall

we called the ambulance and she’s gone to hospital

The ward is so depressing, nurse does what she can

but it’s not for me, in fact I’ve got a slick and better plan


I don’t see what the problem is, why keep the old and sick

dosed up to the eyeballs – it just defies logic

When I decide I’ve had enough, the time is right for me

I want the right to end my life at home with dignity


They say that when you get there though, you generally find

you chicken out - but that’s ok, you should be free to change your mind

You said you never wanted a burden to become

but when it’s time to do the deed, you’d rather up and run


I agree entirely though, there should be laws in place

to protect the weak and vulnerable, you know, just in case

Apparently some people are mean and calculating

they might put pressure on if you start procrastinating


But it really gets my goat you know, it doesn’t make much sense

when the world is overflowing but it’s a criminal offence

To top yourself, ie, reduce the population by one

if all your bits have jacked it in and you can’t have any fun


I don’t see what the difference is, I’m sure you will agree

when animals are ill we call the vet to set them free

So why should I be forced to travel all the way

to Switzerland for goodness sake to send me on my way


It’s a crazy situation, it really seems absurd

that do-gooders and Nanny State should have the final word

Principles and morals are the luxuries they voice

I’m fighting for the freedom just to have the bloody choice!


I’ve signed all the petitions, the euthanasia campaign

I go out on the rallies in the wind, the snow and rain

I don’t know why we bother though, we don’t get very far

but we can’t give in, we’ve got to fight – this is our last hurrah!


Just throw a leaving party and give me lots to eat

a hug goodbye and lots of love, my life has been complete

A dose of something lethal washed down with g and t

or maybe just a biscuit and a final cup of tea!


Anita Brooke


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 28th Feb 2024 16:45

Thank you for this fine poem, Anita. Here in Belgium we have a law which permits assisted dying. I can't really be dogmatic about this, but, as you say, perhaps we should have a choice. The last verse is uplifting and terrifying at the same time. I'm too much of a coward!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 27th Feb 2024 09:06

Thank you Anita, much commonsense there.
"when animals are ill we call the vet to set them free".

I've had this debate with friends. It seems some of the more sanctimonious in society, including religious leaders, are ok with pain and suffering, and are content to stay silent about it--- as long as it's not their own.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 26th Feb 2024 22:32

Wonderfully constructed & very true in my irrelevant opinion!
And I'll have mince n dumplings, accompanied by a good merlot ... 👍

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John Coopey

Mon 26th Feb 2024 18:01

Lavishly buttered crusty bread, some runny Gorgonzola and an away win at Manchester United. Living longer could offer nothing more.

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Anita Brooke

Mon 26th Feb 2024 17:07

Thanks for the comment Graham 😊 Good choice of last meal 👍

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 26th Feb 2024 16:42

A Chateau Palmer Bordeaux and a plate of strychnine laced cheeses would be my favourite goodbye meal!

Good to see you up and running on here Anita!

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Anita Brooke

Mon 26th Feb 2024 16:24

Thanks for your comment - poor Esther Rantzen is on the case so maybe change is afoot - let's hope so. We wouldn't let animals suffer the way some of the old folk in the hospital are suffering!😪

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 26th Feb 2024 16:13

Topical and well put! I certainly believe that we should all be allowed to give permission to be helped on our way if illness
and affliction make existence untenable for oneself. It should
be easy enough to put safeguards into place to ensure that
no undue "pressure" is alleged by those of the "life at all costs"
persuasion - who can always sign an affidavit excusing themselves from such a procedure and soldier on as they see
fit. The best of luck to them - and those they ensure must be
responsible for their state of being in the meantime! Misery
loves company !!

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