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An Appeal.  I never part with money to beggars on the streets.  However I buy vouchers from Greggs loaded with a few quid. That way I know they will be "spent" on food and a hot drink.


In the bleak mid-winter

Doorway for a home

Cold and wet and hungry

Christmas Day alone;

Veteran of country’s wars


Nation of the caring

Nation of the free.


In the bleak mid-winter

Low as low can get

Simply one of many

Slipping through the net;

Life beyond our bubble

We’re too blind to see

Ne’ery thought nor thankful

It’s not you or me.


In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Homes bedecked with lights

Families round the table

Sheltered from cold nights.

Spare a thought for lost souls

When you pass a Greggs

Spare a quid for vouchers

For he or she that begs.




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Stephen Gospage

Wed 13th Dec 2023 21:57

Well done, John. Any one of us could slip through the net. No real equivalent of Greggs Vouchers here, I think, but cash usage still more common than in UK, I think. Supermarket stamps might work, if someone collects them.

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John Coopey

Tue 12th Dec 2023 22:14

Thankyou, LaudyDaudyy.


Tue 12th Dec 2023 16:47

i love it! the vocals made it more complete.

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John Coopey

Tue 12th Dec 2023 15:06

Thankyou, Helene, MC, and John.
And thanks also for the Likes to Holden and Tim.
MC - I don’t know what “foreign” equivalent of Greggs is but I have no doubts there are other retailers in the UK and abroad that do something similar.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Dec 2023 15:01

In our own ways, we can all be "Good King Wenceslas" and these
lines are a modern reminder of that window of opportunity. But
"Greggs" offer a UK brand identity. What, I wonder, is their overseas equivalent for readers beyond home shores?

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Tue 12th Dec 2023 14:10

Thank you John, a really good poem and a kind reminder to all of us in our homes.

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John Gilbert Ellis

Tue 12th Dec 2023 11:52

Forgot to add, what a great idea. I will make a point of carrying some Greggs vouchers with me. I rarely have cash these days on me.

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John Coopey

Mon 11th Dec 2023 20:33

Thankyou, Ruth. Is the audio attached to this post useable for you?
And thanks for the Likes, Adam, Steve, John and Carlton.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 11th Dec 2023 18:38

John This is great I will include it in my Christmas Show Thank you for telling me

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