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Nineties football. Chelsea game

Me and Dad. Loved it same

Both loved tackle. Different name

Player’s tackle. Felt no shame

'Dad I’m gay'. Out it came

Tried to hide. Tried to tame

Downplay gay. Felt to blame

All Dad say was 'Cut it out'


People pleaser. My mate Dan

Diamond geezer with a tan

Hid his thoughts about what I am

Hid he’s bi from his old man

Gunners' tackle. Arsenal fan

Night they won. His white van

Kissed his lips. Out he ran 

Cut me off and cut me out


Queerness f*cks society

How it constructs what men should be

Naked woman on Page 3

She is not my cup of tea

Teenage scrapbook fantasy

Rather look at David B

In his kit, Man U FC

Get my scissors. Cut him out


Chelsea, Man U, match play draw

David Beckham, about to score

Saw his tackle, dropped my jaw

Dad went ‘GOAL!’, I went ‘PHWOAR!’

Chelsea 1, Beckham 4

Hear the crowds, hear them roar

Could not see what’s in store

‘Ref, you blind? Cut him out!’


Homophobe had his shot 

Hooligan, out his cot

Swore at me, F-bomb drop

Effing queer, I am not

Half a brain, you ain’t got

Love my football never stop

Football snap, tackle, pop

Football cannot cut me out!


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Dec 2023 15:57

Excellent rhythm that maintains attention to the content, powerfully delivered.

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John Coopey

Sun 3rd Dec 2023 09:23

Enjoyed this, Lee. Liked the tight lines and the parallels of footie and your sexuality.

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