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The Hare and the Tortoise

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The owl and the pussycat, the porpoise and bear

The fox and hound, the tortoise and hare

One day in the Spring in the open air

In the pool for a swim went the tortoise and hare


Said the tortoise  to hare, ‘I really must ask',

As the hare took a break from swimming on past

‘In case you are blind or simply can’t read

Each lane has a name correct for its speed’

Thought the tortoise of hare, ‘why he swim in slow lane?”

‘Forgotten his specs, not remembered his brain?’


Said the hare to the tortoise in rather curt voice

‘What lane I swim in is really my choice

Crawl back in your shell and leave me alone

I’ve many more lengths before I can go home

Swim on old chap, you sad little pet

Don’t crack open your shell, don’t crack open a sweat


So, the hare carried on and gave tortoise a look

As he swum past at speed as he overtook


‘Nasty hare’ thought the tortoise, ‘what arrogant swimmer!

Hope my owners are cooking bunny for dinner’

I’m a gentle old soul not bad for my age

But never have I ever felt a lane rage


Hare fast as a bullet, tortoise slow as a snail

Tortoise plucked up the courage, came out of his shell

Said the tortoise to hare, ‘ Don’t you understand pace?

That’s the first rule of thumb for scoring an ace’

One over the hare, wiping smirk off his face

‘Mr Hare,  don’t you know', said the tortoise, ‘slow and steady wins the race’




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John Coopey

Wed 29th Nov 2023 21:49

I too got fingered for swimming dog-paddle in the "30 second length" lane, Lee. You don't swim in your specs so I didn't see the sign!

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