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Asking For A Friend

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Going out to meet a friend
to be the ear to their unspooling
coughing up confusions
unpacking problems
unhappy hour
at some pub table

I’m the calm eyes
the easy conversation
pliers to cut the wire
defuse that complicated 
emotional bomb
over a couple of drinks

There’ll be no judgement
only sympathy
a gentle steer
of thoughts towards solutions
or mostly
I’ll just listen

That heart full 
of hypotheticals
ill winds and torn sails
they're asking for a friend tonight
I park my carefree life
well out of sight

There comes a time 
for all of us
and it'll come for me again
when we're asking for a friend
to listen
just listen...


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Sat 11th Nov 2023 12:08

Thank you so much Manish, Hélène, John and MC for the lovely comments. And Manish, that's high praise indeed! Wow. 😃 We all need someone to listen from time to time and it always feels right to help a friend in need.

Thanks also to Frederick, Hugh, Stephen, Aisha, Pete and Steve for the likes! Happy weekend to you all.

P.S. I added an audio reading for anyone who's into that sort of thing!

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 8th Nov 2023 15:53

Interesting how the art of listening is now a social service offered
in the guise of "counselling". Are we now in an age when heeding other people's words get short attention span. It can
certainly seem that way. I try to keep the old adage in mind:
When you're talking, you're not listening - and when you're not
listening, you're not learning.

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John Gilbert Ellis

Wed 8th Nov 2023 14:56

Fantastic poem. I particularly love the line 'I park my carefree life well out of sight'. Can definitely identify with that when talking to various friends.

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Wed 8th Nov 2023 14:32

I agree with Manish; this poem is stellar. In this fast paced world...a friend who takes the time to listen, empathize, provide an oasis.
The poem has nice rhythm, the words flow...wonderful writing, Tom.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 8th Nov 2023 14:13

Hands down, one of the best poems that I've read this year. Maybe because I love the picture, maybe because I've been there, felt the same way, or maybe because I too want to be a listener, a friend to those who are in need.
Thank you for this, Tom.

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