Miracles do happen

It doesn't matter what you do or give to me

For I ain't expecting much from any human being. 

My expectations are from my Rabb alone

Who is the king of all kings and omnipotent Lord


If it would be real, it would have happened

Whether dreams, friendship or love 

Things that are fake and dramatized 

Ends sooner than begun 


Don't you dare expect from me that you can't give to me 

Don't even be scared to receive the worst you've given me to be returned to you 

For not all are born with same characteristics and qualities 

Each one is giving according to their own inner abilities 


What's gone is still residing in our memories 

Past is only a tense used to express what was once true 

But in reality everything is on the same time line 

Whether you call it past, present, future, death and afterlife 


When the mind's free from All negativity 

It's able to process more useful information undoubtedly 

Clarity brings better results with every effort made and done 

Our only hope is in Allah azzawajall to bring us the best results 


It's not how we perceive the reality 

It's how we accept it and determine it 

What may appear to be a drastic calamity 

May eventually benefit us in times to come 


Hope in Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala is an unbreakable rope 

We as believers hold on to it in every thick and thin

The only One who never betrays, never leaves and never quits 

His is the only hand we need to hold and stay steadfast holding it

◄ Life is just a test


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 21st Nov 2022 10:30

It's not how we perceive the reality 

It's how we accept it and determine it 

How true.

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Sun 20th Nov 2022 17:18

Thank you Ghazhala for sharing your deep faith in poetry. Your poems are prayers, inspiring. Blessings!

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keith jeffries

Sun 20th Nov 2022 09:29

Many a truism is spoken here. The final stanza says it all "There but for the grace of God go I". The penultimate line of the poem are words which I can echo as an absolute truth.
Thank you for this

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