Life is just a test

This life is just a test 

A test of faith 

Who believes and who won't 

In Allah azzawajall (God almighty)

The creator of heavens and earth 

The one who fashioned us 

And placed the sun, moon and stars in the universe 


This life is just a test 

A test of knowledge 

That will take us towards our creator 

Or away from the one who created us 

The knowledge we attain of religion and world 

Either makes us or destroys us 

It all depends on us whether the knowledge we have 

We use it to understand our purpose 

Or deludes us with dazzling beauty of the world 


This life is just a test of power 

The power that changes people 

Once we attain the power we wanted 

We use it to set up divine order 

Or we misuse it to oppress others 

It's a test that shows what's truly us 

The hidden evilness or goodness 


This life is a test of wealth 

In poverty we call upon almighty 

Luxuries of life takes us on a greed ride 

With wealth we either make our future 

Or destroy both our world and afterlife of ours 

If wealth is used and not misused 

Our soul shall rise to attain divine light 


This life is just a test 

Each blessing bestowed upon us 

Is nothing but a test for us 

Be it parents, children, spouse, wealth or poverty 

Be it health and beauty or anything else 

Every blessing is a divine examination in disguise 


This life is just a test for every human being 

No one is spared from this examination 

A poor is tested with poverty 

A wealthy man is tested with his wealth and property 

A sick person is tested with disease 

And a person in good health is tested with his time of ease 


This life is just a test for everybody 

Whether we acknowledge this fact or not 

But we have entered this world's exam hall 

And one by one our papers we submit 

On judgement day our results we will receive 

A reward, honour and goodness 

Or divine punishments and dishonour


This life is just a test 

Even for those who deny this fact 

The one's who deny and refuse 

And do whatever they wish to do 

Their papers will have what best they earned 

And they will receive their rewards in the same measure 


This life is a test for everybody 

No one is tested beyond their capacity 

The creator knows how to test everyone 

We are all giving our own papers 

And we will submit our own tests 

When our time is up 



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Ghazala lari

Sun 20th Nov 2022 05:51

#Keith thank you for your comment on this poem.
Your comment is a Deeper explanation to what I have written.

Life without purpose, is a bitter life to live. Only divine purpose helps us through our problems.

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keith jeffries

Sat 19th Nov 2022 10:54

Every word here echoes the truth as I believe that the Divine purpose behind creation depends on our response to the life we live and how we live it. We are all given the freedom to believe in the Divine or not. We are free agents, to use our own minds, experiences and conscience to determine our decisions in and about life. There will be accountability at the end of our time otherwise nothing would make any sense. Therefore, the way we live must have that accountability firmly in mind.
A poem which exhorts us to behave in accordance with the Divine will and in a responsible manner especially in relation to other people.
Thank you for this

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