First you take away my food 

Empty my platter 

Serve it to your children

And blame me for my hunger 

Then call me jealous one

Who's Envying your children 


First you take away all my best clothes and jewellery 

Gift it to your daughter and daughter in law

Then cry before me that you have no money 

Leaving me to fate to clothe myself with your discarded ones

Then tell me I'm Envying your beautifully clothed children 


First you break my home, leaving me at your mercy

Then refusing all the suitors that come to marry me

Blaming me for your ill conceived fate you brought to me 

Leaving me in the utter neglect and mocking my ill begotten life

Then saying I'm Envious of your children and their sweet family


First you go around spreading lies and rumours about me

Turning my life against me through your black mind's conspiracy 

Using all the evil powers to ripp off every bit of happiness from me

Turning friends and relatives and society against me 

Then you have the audacity to say I your childrens happiness do envy


First you have utterly ruined my so precious life completely 

No financial support, no Moral, no human support system you give me

You don't even let me use my brain and hands to earn for me

Vouching someday you'll give all my well deserve fortunes to me

Then you have the guts to throw your words that I your children of their riches envy


◄ World of deception

Life is just a test ►


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Ghazala lari

Sat 19th Nov 2022 06:24

Like I said in my next poem, life is just a test. Parents, siblings, wealth, beauty, knowledge etc. Everything is just a test in disguise of blessings.

No problem is created without a solution.

Allah never tests a person beyond his/her capacity.

There's always a solution to every problem.

Everything happens by the will of Allah and for a greater reason.

As a believer patience, deal wisely every problem, prayers, faith, trust in Almighty......InshaAllah "in every hardship there's ease"

Even a prick of a thorn is but by the will of Allah. Every injury is an expiation of our sins. And Everything has a timing. Allah knows what's best for us and when is the best time for every problem to end.

From cradle to grave, we shall be tested in one way or the other. So we just need to be strong enough to face these tests without turning bitter, without letting hard times to make us disbelieve in God or ruining our soul.

#Adam W. Thanks for reading my poem.

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Adam Whitworth

Fri 18th Nov 2022 09:14

I stumbled over a few moments of odd grammar
but this is a valuable description of a problem.
Now we need a solution.

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