World of deception

What's the world heading towards? 

None bothered to reason it such 

Not until COVID 19 spread all over the world 

Global lockdown gave time to us humans 

To think and contemplate over pertinent issues 

That's when we realised the divine set up 

Working for and against the creatures on earth 


Where's the world heading can be logically seen 

For religious elites it's heading towards Messiah's coming 

And for others the world is in a process of destruction cos of climate change 

In detail if we look at the world and it's new order that's being set up 

For now there's war, famine, floods, diseases and global economic slump 

In years to come it's going to get much worse in certain parts of the world 

Whereas few areas are thriving in economic as well as human health 

Neom project is one such example of prosperity on rise 

In coming times the world will witness the area to thrive 

Despite the darkness and sickness gripping the world at large 

Then who are the one's benefitting from neom project so far? 


Where's the world heading needs to be discussed rationally

Before the roads are permanently blocked and creatures are stocked 

Although we have not much power to stop the change from happening

But we can always prepare ourselves from falling into man made vices 

The tools of destruction have been set up by destructive monsters 

They have the button in their grip to set the world to trip in vicious evilness 

Although it's too late to make amends and realise our approaching dark fate 

But we can still try our best to save ourselves from falling into the traps of magicians 


It not matters what the world's heading towards 

What actually is important for us to see with perfectly open eyes 

That where are we heading and what's that going to fetch us 

We can't keep religion, society, politics and economy in separate air tight compartments

Inorder to see the bigger picture with clarity we need to merge everything in totality 

In a larger scale of divine reality, we are heading straight into life of deceptions and lies 

Are we not already living a life of technological deception in virtual world 

With fake home, spouses, children, offices, malls 

That disappears the moment we remove the decieving eye model 


We are being simulated through A.l's inorder to receive the bigger deceptions awaiting us 

How can we not see what we are doing to us and our generations 

It's all a preparation of False Messiah's coming to this world 

Many are waiting for him as their only god whom they worship 

Thinking he will make them powerful, rich and prosperous

Yes, they will be. But it's only going to be a deception that will last momentarily

How foolish can we humans be, selling our souls to an evil magician's blasphemy

We need to wake up and realise that there's only one true power and almighty

And false Messiah is only a creation of Allah(God) to test the faith of God fearing men 


Where's the world heading and what are we preparing? 




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keith jeffries

Sun 13th Nov 2022 09:13

A poem which speaks the truth in a prophetic manner. We are being deceived by the great deceiver. Your penultimate stanza, particularly the fourth line is so clearly true in today's world. An excellent piece of work which is supported by several Biblical references about the end of the world. I am convinced that we are living in the end times.
Thank you for this

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