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The bell clatters ‘Time’ on another quiet night
tucked off the shore front
In the precious warmth of a Sisimiut tavern
I take another jar, tilt it back and drain
but still there are no answers waiting
Slouching on the bar stool
and licked by shifting shadows
lulled to doze 
by the constant comb of a shuffling sea
An absent-minded shiver washes over
and, suddenly, so softly
your pale arm around my shoulder
You put your hand on top of mine
My fingers splay
and for the briefest moment
yours warmly slip between them

How did you find me
I’ve gone as far as I can go
and still you reach me
I’ve run as far as I can run
yet still you’re haunting
In every cell of me
there lives an apology 
always longing for release
I’ve got a skull full of sea
and the sting of that thing, it lingers
squid ink, blotting out my smile
A cloud of darkness, I always carry
And like the sci-fi turquoise skies above
your patient ghost won’t let me hide here

Through the coloured houses
spilling warm light on the snow fields
The endless beauty of this country
does its best to ease my soul-ache
I stand by the winter-beached boats
as the ice shelf cracks and sheers
ten ton tears crashing hard into the brine

And I wonder 
which will be the first to end
the frost of our faded friendship
or the world...


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Fri 18th Mar 2022 23:14

Greg, thanks for coming on this little trip to Greenland with me 😃 Same to you John.

To me it feels natural that, of all the places to be haunted, it would be a place of such haunting beauty. I hope the person in the poem managed to find some peace of mind there.

Thanks for reading!

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John F Keane

Thu 17th Mar 2022 10:14

The sea is perennial poetic inspiration.

Great onomatopoeia in this one.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 17th Mar 2022 10:09

Sorry I haven't got round to commenting on this poem before now, Tom. Wonderful settings and details - "I’ve got a skull full of sea /
and the sting of that thing, it lingers / squid ink ..." - Thinking about the end of the world, near the top of the world.

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Wed 16th Mar 2022 23:33

Thanks Stephen, Jordyn, Kim and Holden. This one is massively overwrought, but that's kind of the point and fitting for this particular protagonist 😃 Thanks for reading.

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