Conversation's with the Moon

As a reminder
I look to the moon 
My substance of peace 
Bringing calm into the chaos
I set my concentration upon the soft glowing light 
And breathe
How Thoughtful of you to hang a nightlight in the open sky. 
It feels as if there's comfort beyond the clouds shining over me. 
Ruler of creation,
Thank you. 
Between the many branches of the trees I find a little serendipity. 
Layers of moonbeams blanket the ground, lighting up your sanctuary. 
Like every night I'll walk alone
A weary Soul in the shadows. 
In need of some guidance
Taking steps into the dark unknown. 
But after my tears have spilled 
And my rage has found release 
I'll follow the rays of the moon 
In deep conversation 
With no direction in sight 
Just sacred moments discussing all I hide from eyes.  
Let this be the antidote to my internal Insanity. 
Late into the hours when my eyes have shut and my subconscious has taken over, you're still there. 
A light of safety hovering over me. 

--Part one of "Conversation's with the Moon."


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Shifa Maqba

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 13:00

Your poem is the light of love, benevolence and warmth hovering over all of us. Can't find the right adjectives to describe the beauty and depth of the poem. Well done! Very well done! Looking forward to Pt. 2

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Paul Sayer

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 12:53

-J. The start of a piece of prose that draws one’s imagination along into the journey with you.

The Moon is indeed a constituent of deep peace once we place our focus upon her.

The providence of the moonbeams dancing and flickering through the branches, the sanctuary sensed alone and yet feeling an affinity.

Having the faith that your footsteps and path are secure.
Communion flows freely and candidly and in so doing your succour and comfort are thus imbued.

Your remedy and cure absorbed deeply within your subconscious to seep forth whilst you slumber…

Part two, already written within the deeper stratum of your mind.
I await the new dawn and the end of your peaceful sojourn, to continue forth with great expectations.

A beautiful and well-constructed piece Jordyn.

Thank you.


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Nigel Astell

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 11:05

Moonlight eyes have shut, now to sleep in peace.

I like the your poem Ghazala the moon will always smile.

Ghazala lari

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 03:15

This is heartbreaking sad
It makes my heart bleed
Tears of dejection and loneliness to feel
May you find comfort in all you see
May your soul find ease after ease
May the conversations with moon change to real life experiences
May the one you love and who loves you be with you soon
Oh dear soul! Dont shed the tears of hurt and pain
All sorrows are nothing but gain
If we use them wisely to develop ourselves
Every negativity of life changes our life positively
If it's a poem I marvel the emotion stirring capacity it holds
And if it's a true emotion expressed
Then never forget God is always with you
And in wol you are never alone.

Smile costs nothing
It heals the onlooker mum
But it heals faster the soul
That produces smiles one after one

Keep smiling J.💕

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