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Moving on to a new chapter, time is passing even faster. Upwards and away from the usual disaster.
All alone and gonna make it, this unfornate cycle I'm gonna break it. All the bliss I'm gonna take it, no longer have to fake it.

I'm me and I'm free, time is mine and I'll let it be. I don't need love and I don't need praise. The past was only an unlucky phase. Life is confusing I've always been losing. Never had the choice of choosing, never had the voice to speak, always been the  weakest of weak.

I'm all alone and danger prone, I'm lost and entering a whole new zone. I'm special im one of a kind, unique soul and magical mind. Looking for me, what will I be. What else is left to see, my time is here I'm finally free.

Freedom is daunting, thoughts keep haunting. I try to slow the time, I try to make it stop. I try to escape my head, I try to reach the top. I don't know where I'm going, I want to stop growing. I want the pain to stop showing, I want my smile to keep glowing and my rhymes to keep on flowing. I'm hurting and not knowing, I can only keep on going. I think I'm falling deep, I hate that I'm so week; feelings get so steep, my emotions build a heap.

I can't do it again, I can't fall far, leave my heart open ajar. Leave it out to catch, feelings want to hatch. Emotions are my weakness, my only footfall. I lose myself, my life will stall. Early morning and I'm not yawning, I'm out of control, it's my addictive soul. Escaping the unconscious, mind is numb. Chasing the buzz, chasing the fun. Years ago it all begun, surely it's now overdone. Yet I still can find my feet to run. No sense is made, no words collide, welcome to my incomplete inside.

My life has been a bumpy ride, craving the need to fully confide. Swimming against the inevitable tide.

Rougher It goes ,deeper i get, my breath gets tight my skin gets wet. My path is long, my needs unmet. Destiny is not fate, mine is already set. No one will get my true magic, they only see the damage what's tragic.

I hear music It takes me away, always has, to this very day. Feelings I cant describe, can't explain, I refuse to try and regain, from my remedy that makes me sane. Don't want to stop don't want to quit, I want each and every last bit. 24 and on it will go, so much so life will always throw, peaks and valleys, roads and streets, rhythms, ryhmes and sensual beats. Happy hands and moving feets, changing lanes and leaving seats. Multiple gains and epic defeats. Rising to unimaginable heats. My writing continues, only for my comfort and peace, the sunlight is gone the day is starting to decease. I'm still craving the need to release.

How did I get here, it's oh so old. Lonely and unstable, on an empty road. My mind is gone my future untold. Already forgetton, my dreamsi stone cold. I wish I could meet another like myself, someone who lacks direction it's seems, someone who questions life and it's means. My mind is In pieces, it's bursting it's seams, realitys my enemy it's stealing my dreams.

I have questions left neglected, incompetence is what's reflected, normality is strongly directed, confusion is what's resurrected. I'm talking so much I'm losing touch, I never knew I could say so much. It keeps on producing, it won't allow the end. I'm content with this, but it's all pretend. I'm crazy, I'm gone, I must be no good. I never follow what they said I should. I never believe what they say I could . I'm so amazing,'I

Could achieve anything, I'm the best yet to come, it's time I start to

Run. My life had begun at 24, I

Couldn't believe I had so much more, my body run sore, bumping each dead end door, hitting the wall and befriending the floor. I'm

Always down its all I know: negative finds and not much more, what was I actually living life for. Wasting

each and every open door. I must refrain I must retire, for nurture is now what I desire, health and peace I now require. This routine

I have is becoming dire. Boring and usual, same old fire.

Lifeagehurtreal life

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Mon 16th Nov 2020 18:14

Thank you everyone. Took a lot of me to approach this way of recording my work

Nicola Beckett

Fri 13th Nov 2020 23:35

Wow x

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Fri 13th Nov 2020 22:58

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Fri 13th Nov 2020 22:58

Thank you so much this is 4 years old I’ve changed a lot since then


Fri 13th Nov 2020 22:56

your rhyming is indeed flowing.
beautiful writing. x

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