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Oh come to me!

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From the windswept clifftop

She could see below

Far below into the cove

Where lay, a body upon the sand

And, dragged by tide,

A waving hand

It swayed like the branch

Of a wind-laden tree


Come to me

Oh come to me!


A breath of chill

Now, caressed her skin

Whilst staring down at the cove

And the figure within


And upon her grasped

Such a mighty urge

A compulsion

Not her mind could purge

So, whatever it took

She had to see


Come to me

Oh come to me!


The pathway down:

Seldom travelled & old

Was hewn by wind 

And rain 

And cold

But, still

Something urged her down to see


Come to me

Oh come to me!


Over crumbling rock

Slick moss & scree

To the whispering voices

Of the haunted sea

Down she stumbled


'til her grip broke free!


Come to me

Oh come to me!


What have I done!

She realised too late

But, this sacred, old cove

Already knew her fate


And below she stared 

With pallid eyes

Trying to move

But paralysed 


And in her throat

The salty sea

Rose up and choked her 



Come to me

Oh come to me!


Looking up at the clifftop

A figure arose

Staring down at herself

Lying still in the cove

And she tried to scream out:

Don't come, please stay!

But, the saltwater came

And washed it away


And her arm felt so weightless

In the shallow, gray sea

And she knew it was swaying

Like the branch of a tree…



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julie callaghan

Thu 29th Oct 2020 20:28

Yes Stephen, I agree some good writes on here this week and this month I would say. Inspiration being drawn from the Autumn scenes and the looming Halloween. Enjoying your spooky writes.

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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 19:46

Stephen, I feel like a little baby poet just beginning to walk. someday, I hope to keep up with all of you. and yes great poetry this week, thanks to all. PS your Granny sounds very wise.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 29th Oct 2020 19:38

Thank you, as always, for the much appreciated Likes, Tom, Keith, Stephen, Julie, Paul, J.D & Tony.
Is it just me or has some of the poetry been extra exceptional this week?

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 28th Oct 2020 20:15

Thank you Paul! I'll gladly await the carriage mate. Sounds like fun! Get the ale in ! ?

And thanks for the comment Keith. Once again you flatter me! I do read every night...very slowly I might add! It takes me ages to finish a book, but I do like to take in every word. When I was younger I loved Ray Bradbury & HG Wells etc. Now, & you may roll your eyes, my fave author is Stephen King, who creates some brilliant imagery with his words. And check out his poem, The bone church. Well worth a read! Thanks again.

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keith jeffries

Wed 28th Oct 2020 17:56


The imagination and vocabulary here are characteristic of someone who reads a good deal. You possess an excellent ability to use the language really well. May I ask who your favourite authors are?

Very good poem once again.


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