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Updated: Wed, 6 Oct 2021 03:38 pm

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I am an amateur writer of poetry and fiction and I am looking forward to sharing some of my work and enjoying yours on this site. Thank you for reading and sharing!


One day I will accept this. Soon. One day I will not cry anymore. And God Willing Please - I pray I will not beg anymore. One day I will just know that in my hour of need I will look where I always end up having to look anyway To me and God. Alone. Perhaps this is how it should be. I cannot condemn this. You were never meant to be my savior. I never needed you to be that; But you will never be my hero either. That is hard to accept.

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Wed 6th Oct 2021 23:25

Is it an Angel in that dark tree?
to me, it looks to be.
and thank you for taking time to respond
it is special getting praise from Dawn.

(Dawn's Early Light)


Wed 26th May 2021 00:43

"dawn's early light"!
words from our anthem
the Star Spangled Banner,
(don't you just love that phrase,
The "Star Spangled Banner"
great words for what WAS
a great country.

Thanks for reading my poem.
No charge for you.
I am an amateur also.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Sat 30th Jan 2021 08:48

Thanks for the comment Dawn re We Don't Move Very Much.


Sat 30th Jan 2021 00:16

why do you have a male profile?

It just Dawned on me.



Fri 20th Nov 2020 13:09

We are thankful for
those who respond
especially those
who are named Dawn
as beautiful as
each breath that comes
each morning gifts
the rising Dawn.


Fri 23rd Oct 2020 03:31

Dawn---The environmentally friendly soap detergent!

You can always expect a little Humor is my poems.
I get away with it because I'm OLD!

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John Marks

Thu 22nd Oct 2020 23:19

Hello Dawn. Poetry, like life, is not an easy path, but worthwhile. Good luck in all you do.

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