I Thought Of You

I thought of you again today,

When the sun came out to play.

I knew that it would be that way,

I’d think of you most every day….

We met with a smile
And lingering glances,
Yet to consider
Taking our chances.
A touch of your hand,
A wink and a sign,
Eyes that smiled
And danced with mine.

A whispered word, 
A soft sigh,
Kindred spirits,
You and I.
That brief caress
Of your lips,
The soft touch
Of your fingertips.

As in company we passed,
You gave a sweet smile to last
For ever in my hungry heart.
Dreading when we would part.

Sat on bar stools,
Our knees to meet,
You saw me shiver
In the heat.
The looks we passed
That told our affection,
Ever careful
To evade detection.
We played by the rules.
Our hearts on loan,
But oh, that desire
To be on our own.

Snatched moments
In the dark,
Barely time
To light the spark.
I guess it just
Wasn’t meant to be.
In a parallel world
We’d be free…

I thought of you again today,

It made me shiver in the heat.

I realised soon again we’ll meet,

I almost danced in the street…

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Andy N

Tue 1st Jun 2010 08:11

This has a real song like quality to it, Lynn which makes it really easy to enjoy and love.If I am honest, I am not wild on the use of your last line even though it starts your piece off. I would perhaps even remove it totally or put something else after it like slightly re-writing Stefan's favourite line:

'I thought of you again today

It made me shiver in the heat'

Either way, I enjoyed reading this a lot x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 31st May 2010 22:49

Hi again Lynn.very romantic! I especially love the lines

'you saw me shiver
in the heat'

lovely indeed!

warmest regards

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