She Rides Again

 She rides the chestnut stallion

Through the scented park,

Amidst the lilac blossoms,

The old oak’s gnarled bark.

He gasps as he first sees her,

His luck is back on track!

This girl portrays an angel

While riding on horseback.


Her hair blows free behind her.

Dressed in jeans and lace,

She talks softly to her mount,

A smile upon her face.

He cannot quite identify

What gives her so much grace.

She has to be out of his league

But oh! For one embrace!


It’s the scruffy beachcomber again!

She thinks as she reins in.

He rises from the old park bench.

“Hi again!” calls she with a grin.

With a laugh he asks, “What’s your name?”

To which she answers, “Jellie”.

“Oh, and what flavour would that be?

Strawberry or maybe cherry?”


“It’s short for Angelica,” she explains.

“Then I shall call you Angel,” says he.

She gives a laugh of merriment.

“That just proves you don’t know me!”

The stallion impatient to be off,

She again takes up the reins.

“Wait!” he cries. “Can I see you again?”

The blood pumping through his veins.


Even her laughter is melodic as

She calls back over her shoulder,

“Well, that seems quite likely!”

His heart is left to smoulder.

He’s never felt like this before,

And he a man of the world.

How could he become so enraptured

In just a mere slip of a girl?


She rides the chestnut stallion

Away from the scented park.

It’s the hooves she can hear thundering,

Not the beating of her heart…..


(A sequel to "Angel on Horseback")

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Wed 2nd Jun 2010 10:58

Very interesting and nice poem Lynn. What country are you from? You wanted to know if my name Larisa or Laura. Laura is short for Larisa. With warmest wishes, Larisa

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Lynn Dye

Wed 2nd Jun 2010 10:24

Thank you Dave, so glad you liked it. Doh!! How did I manage to spell that wrong? Lol. And yes, the story continues....

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Dave Bradley

Wed 2nd Jun 2010 06:55

I liked this Lynn. Will the story continue?
PS spelling of reins

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