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At school we bullied Billy for being fat

Stole his homework pulled his

Hair broke his glasses

Accused him of all-sorts made his

Life a misery so in the end they took him

Out of school then

Years later I went out with a plump lass

Called Norma she pecked at her meals but

Never lost weight I

Accused her of hiding food and

Bingeing on the quiet and made her life a

Misery until I saw the

Tablets for thyroid

Disorder, one a day for the rest of her life, today I

Read in the paper how the

Virus got Billy and I'm wondering whether, after all

He was such a



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Thu 4th Jun 2020 19:05

The regret a bully faces later in life for his past sins is often quite brutal, fat shaming has been so normalized and so integrated into culture, people do not realize just how devastating it can be,

Your poem is quite well written,


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