Vra Vra Vroom


I lost my vra vra vroom

The day you got your diagnosis

Felt joint tomorrows wither

With the growth of what we knew

You – with your mother’s heart

And dragon’s roar

Saving me from lions

Or bullies, or bees...

My sister, my confidante,

My best friend


Entombed within the capsule

Of your hypobaric oxygen chamber

I stand outside and count the miles

Fear to look beyond the glass

Till you look up at me

That radiant smile

All hope and grit and happiness

Taking me with you

Beyond the fear

Going for it big style

All pathways blocked

All big guns blazing

Jane McLelland’s pioneer

Making your own medical history…


Jane McLelland…*

Worth a stanza on her own..

Impossible to rhyme with

But oh the reason…

I’m here now at 3 o’clock am

Making poetry from cells…


And I wonder if I’ll ever post these words

Deliver this muddy, bloody egg of a poem

Born from the battlefield of hope and fear

For if we lose, this poem dies

Its futile words bleeding out

Into a broken soil


But if we win, I’ll blast it to the stars

Carve it into trees, lock it onto bridges

Tell the world # tag positive progress



Maybe then I’ll start to sleep again

Get back my vra vra vroom

Grow old with you

Chewing the cud

As we walk our dogs

Across the wet and windy byways

Of the Beacon




*  Foot note - Jane McLelland is a stage 4 cancer survivor and author of the book ‘How to Starve Cancer Without Starving Yourself’.  Her book describes an alternative protocol for beating cancer and many people are now living proof that the protocol works.  The 'blocked pathways' relate to the food stuffs you need to eradicate from your diet to stop the cancer feeding and to weaken it.  The 'Big Guns' are the drugs that will kill the cancer once it's been starved.  #POSITIVEPROGRESS is what you tag your posts with if they include good news on Jane's FB group.


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Dave Bradley

Fri 22nd May 2020 18:02

Pure lovely emotion (Hurray!) - it almost doesn’t matter whether it ‘works’ as a poem but I think it does!

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Hannah Collins

Wed 15th Apr 2020 20:16

Meaningful, emotional, great writing.


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Wed 15th Apr 2020 12:28

Thank you Graham!

I've missed not creating anything! I've kept my sister's name off the poem as she's fiercely private. I'm glad Jane pulled through though or she wouldn't have written the book that saved my sister's life. Conventional medics had written her off as incurable...

Much love to all - there's always hope out there. x

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 15th Apr 2020 12:18

Bloody heck Isobel! Back with a bang...no an explosion!!

We've missed this! I'm really glad Jane pulled through. We need work like this and words like yours.

good to see you back


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