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Graham Eccles

Updated: Wed, 16 May 2018 07:40 am

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UPDATED May 2018. A man of many names and faces. Formerly the Official Poet to the King of Piel Island, now self styled wandering Gleeman. The Great Gauk. Currently on the road hitchhiking and workawaying with his small but hardy family. He is the greatest juggling, penny farthing riding, giant balloon sculpture making, performance poet to have ever come out of Bradford. Whether you need to commission some of his wordsmithery, or require a unique handtwisted 100ft Balloon Model of a Dragon to fly over your summer garden party...Or even to build a homely structure in the woods...... Graham will oblige. More real than virtual, best caught in person than online. Hard to pin down electronically but easy to catch by text. He is available worldwide for bookings. Feel free to contact Graham for details on 07790700355.


For Samples, just click through Grahams Blogs here on Writeoutloud. Here's one though, just in case you really can't be bothered with all that clicking. An Expression to Free Myself People keep thinking, for this is all that you've got, not the treasures you surround yourselves with. You might as well give it all to the poor, if the expansion of your minds you ignore. For it is given unto thee, creativity and you can all be set free if you use it. Choose it. Choose to confuse this reality sometimes with the things that you conjure inside. Choose to call things by your own chosen names if they call you insane, its alright. It just means that they're fogged, and blocked up inside, by lack of cognitive might. Choose to read books all through the night, but then choose to be critical and use your insight and choose to be free, because you might just find that, that is taken away. Right now, the beginning of the end long since dead, the credits beginning to roll. The war on our brains, our thoughts soon in chains, as time it takes its toll. They will use our thirst for knowledge against us. Push us into corners; bury us in Harry Potter books. Wall us in behind thick blockades of autobiographies, biographies, documentaries about non-entities who we didn't wish to be famous. Then they'll blame us, when we write stuff that messes with their plans. Dont be fans, be fantasists. Its good to resist the urge to follow. Don't swallow all that you're fed. Be well read, but dont read too well, or you sell your soul to the writers as well. The overall cost? Free thinking is lost, you just spout what you have been taught. A thought's more of a pleasure, when its one of your own. Like a dog with a bone, defend it! Pretend its like gold, only more valuable than that. In this age of recession, a free thought is just that, free. Unlike me and thee. Do i have to paint a picture to explain this? Resist! Keep your heart in your fist, and use it to batter the walls down. Look around you, listen. Theres a sound and its creeping, and its heaping its coals on the fires of revolution. The solution is within you, without you and about you. Isn't it about time you touched it, pushed it, screaming from the roof. So it lands on the head of oppresion, squashin it flat. Did you like that? I was talking about free thought before, and some people abhor, how i just stop. And shift. Just as they think they've caught my drift, but i suppose that's free thought too. So true revolution is the right of expression that i, now give to you. Take it, run. Share with someone. Read him or her some of your words. Your opinions matter, so gossip and chatter, and make your voices heard. Paint your pictures and slap up your posters, because unless you shout out loud,then theres billions of people talking on earth.... ...and you'll just be one of the crowd. This Sample was published by Ars Longa - "Disparity" Anthology 2008. (

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Connie Scott

Fri 12th May 2017 06:17

I genuinely appreciated understanding it. Sitting tight for some more incredible articles like this from you in the nearing days

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Thu 24th Nov 2011 17:39

What a great profile picture! And what a shame it's not in the calendar - though I can imagine what kind of poetry it would have inspired :)
It would have been my favourite month though!

I've just changed back to my mugshot. I leave a lot of comments on here and found it a bit disconcerting seeing my arse on every page...

Take care. x

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Thu 17th Nov 2011 07:14

Heh heh - put me down for a copy of that book!

I'm wondering if you know Winston, site adminstrator for new joiners. He is a juggler and entertainer too. It is an unusual career - very rewarding, I would imagine.

<Deleted User> (9727)

Mon 17th Oct 2011 09:33

Thank you for your honest comment. I will do better next time. I just need a good Samaritan who can help me with my translations. :)

<Deleted User> (4725)

Mon 11th Aug 2008 16:51

Hi Graham, thank you for the comment.
I love "A Forgotten Day" - great choice of imagery, and just good fun as a poem! Love it!
Keep on truckin'

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Estelle Zaire

Sat 17th May 2008 09:41

Hey there!

''a poet can write about a pebble and make a page of it''

Amen! Nice line!

<Deleted User> (4281)

Tue 5th Feb 2008 03:04

Graham~ Your Biography sounds great! It is as unique as you are. The poems are excellent. You really are very talented writer. Keep up the wonderful muses and write them down.


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