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Lament in Middle Age

There was a time remembered fondly

when i was young and fair

when passers by, all and sundry

marvelled at my carefree air

A fleeting moment of former life

though age comes on one soon

and youth cut off as if by knife

slips to dark, like waxing moon

My curling tress, my flowing lock

to baldness creepeth on

imagine please the horror shock

when crown once bright, was gone

Teeth that were pearls, lustre shining

twinkling stars by day

crumbled from my sweet tooth dining

old friends now passed away

Firm and Taut, words once spoken

have changed vocabulary

to soft and supple, wrecked and broken

old and beaten me

Smooth and tender, lovers skin

becoming dry and cracked

shredded by my years of sin

no vices have i lacked

Smoked and drunk, wine and skunk

abused my temple shell

of heaven i have had my chunk

so now, i tasteth hell

creaking, aching, breaking pains

deep within my bones

for nothing from ones sin he gains

except for wretched moans

And though i whine and holler so

'bout how myself is spent

i savoured every moment though

so i shall not repent

accept, i do, the price of life

so fruitfully enjoyed

and though no my troubles rife

i am not much annoyed

Smoke more i say and taste the wine

another two score years

would long enough, be just fine

of ending, have no fears!

With all my aching self enjoy

the life and love i can

before this vessel i destroy

on the shores where it began

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<Deleted User> (8158)

Thu 6th May 2010 05:37

GE dear, One has to be more sorry for poor old Milton, of course, who lost his sight "ere half his days in this dark world and wide..", so let's use our talents while we still have 'em, eh? MG 1003

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Graham Eccles

Wed 5th May 2010 23:39

Thanks :P its only semi-plagiarism really, one of those times when you read a poem and it sets you to thinking. I think it was Rudaki though. (in the same book as Omars rubiyat) Poor bugger - was blind poet to the king and ended up dying in abject poverty, such is the way - probably be minted now f he had a penny for each printed copy of his stuff. Glad you liked it though. Cheers.

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Cate Greenlees

Wed 5th May 2010 12:19

Old Omar would agree with you here!! lol
Cate xx

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