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Pick a Pathway

Pick a pathway: forget the roadway

A thousand mile should take more than a day.

Nourish and nurture the nature around

Not tear up and dominate and build on the ground.

We didn’t evolve as a static race, to be born and to die tied to one place.

Let feet do the talking as legs move along.

Fill up your steps with a wandering song

Let direction be guided by moments of light.

Keep hope, keep simple, and your heart will keep right

Find joy in the small, seek beauty in all

You’ll find that the big things don’t matter at all

Release your grip on material need,

Your vices too a reflection of greed

Once you choose to open your eyes to this truth

You’ll be more than happy with the sky as a roof

Stay fed, stay watered, stay out of the storm

Keep souls about you safe from harm

Aim high, the views are better with height

Take big strides , but keep footprints light

Watch out for low branches and snares for your toes

But at least pick a pathway and see where it goes.

◄ Sentinel Sycamore


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keith jeffries

Wed 16th May 2018 09:33

Hello Graham,
this poem resonates more now that I am older and able to reflect on life and the things that really matter. ´Release your grip on material need. Your vices too are a reflection of greed ´are so apt to the world in which we now find ourselves. The poem is sensitively rhymed, enchanting and an invitation to a better perspective on the world. Thank you indeed for this.

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