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House of God

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So, this is the house of God

Another one, eh?

How many houses do you need?

I thought you lived in Mount Sion

Or sat on your throne in the kingdom of Heaven

But here I am in your ‘house’

Where are you?

I’ve been and called for you loads of times

But you are never in

Look, I know you are busy,

but I think you are taking the piss now

Even your Son seems to avoid me


So I’m sat here on your cold tiled floor

(What no carpets?)

I took my shoes off

I know you like that


If this was my house I might fix those loose tiles

There’s a creaking board over there too

And, just look at those cobwebs


I heard that once you were always here

Now you only pop in for an hour of a Sunday

Holiday home is it?

Why don’t you just sell up; retire.

You could feed your flock then

You’ve got too many starving sheep for my liking

Not a very good shepherd, are you?


A sign on the wall says,

‘Who have you forgiven today?’

Well, I forgive you God

I forgive you, for abandoning us all to Hell

Hope you are well.


Did you get the Christmas card I sent?

You never sent one back

Is it the stamps you lack?

Or are you just too lazy to write back?


I sit here looking at your fineries

I put a penny in the box for the fabrics

And another one for the church roof

Where’s the box for the poor?

Don’t you love them anymore?

Now your Son is rich and famous has he forgot his roots?

Have you?

There’s a lot of marble in here too,

But you seem to have misplaced yours

To believe that we believe in you

When it seems that you don’t believe in us anymore


Look! I don’t want to make a fuss

So I will leave now

So sorry, I forgot to bow.


P.S.  You really need to repoint those walls before your whole house crumbles

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 7th Jan 2011 19:36

A well-aimed satire at the muddle of ideas inherent in organized religion generally. You have zeroed in with many striking comments which I think shows a genuine empathy with the 'church' dilemma. I enjoyed the conversation technique which becomes a monologue for the speaker, but not for lack of always hoping there really might be a 'voice'. The one sentiment I didn't quite like was: I forgive you for abandoning us all to Hell. IMO, it was 'stage-y', not really ringing sincere as the rest does, in its own funny fashion. And I could be totally wrong about the whole idea. C'est la vie.

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Dave Bradley

Wed 5th Jan 2011 10:47

Hi Graham

Very provocative, in the best sense of the word. Christianity got by without buildings for many years, and still does in some places. It's the people that matter - they are "living stones" 1 Peter Ch 2 v 5

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