Young Love By the Sea

Here we are, alone by the sea, 
bursting with joy at finding each other. 
There’s a wonderful, giddy feeling, 
as if all nature were smiling. 

The diamond on your finger gleams 
like the shining path 
of the sunrise on the water.
Our wedding bands were forged 
from family rings and new gold. 
They join us and our families 
in the ancient, unbroken circle of life.

We are like the place between sea and shore – 
always together, touching; 
yet always distinct and separate, 
approaching and receding, 
like the waves on the sand.
Sometimes tumultuous and exciting 
like a beautiful storm 
with blown rivulets of foam 
seen safely from land.
Sometimes calm and reflective, 
like moonbeams on ripples; 
but never completely silent, 
never a dead calm.

Night brings guiding lights like buoys on sea lanes.
Love is the constant North Star to help steer our course.
Changing stars, like reason, 
help chart the changes of life and fortune. 
A mariner needs both fixed and moving stars 
as lovers need both love and reason. 

We rejoice in our new-found love 
as we explore our life together, 
and the many things we have to share.
A world of opportunity opens to us, 
with stars that guide our
plans for a bright future. 

      November, 2009


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David F. Freeman

Thu 11th Jun 2020 21:27

Your and my poems must be stories of romantic love remembered after years. Memories are so precious.

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Thu 11th Jun 2020 14:27

Fantastic and evocative. I have written one quite similar recently called Chalk-White Moonlight. Though, I think yours is more romantic.

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