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Updated: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 11:24 am

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I write most of my poetry whilst walking or cycling in the countryside as the rhythm and scenery inspires me. I regularly attend the Beehive Poets group in Bradford and have also performed at various poetry events in the region. I recently published a children's book Madge the Mermaid - the first chapter can be read for free at Using my book, I deliver workshops to primary schools inspiring writing and creativity, including reciting poetry! If you would like to book a session for your school, please email me at for more details.


Hair Hair hair, hair everywhere Some on the floor, some on the stair Some on the table, some on the chair Hair hair, it gets everywhere Hair in the sink Hair in my drink What should I think Even when I blink it's there, it's hair Hair hair, it gets everywhere Mum's hair Dad's hair Girl's hair Boy's hair Cat's hair Dog's hair Chinchilla's hair, how did that get there? Oh there's hair hair Hair everywhere! The Beehive By the fireplace tales are told words are burning within our souls burning souls words aglow trying to find what makes us whole

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Sat 20th Aug 2011 17:12

Really sorry to hear about your mum in law, Steve - that must be a huge strain on the pair of you. I hope she makes a recovery and one that involves quality of life. Look forward to seeing you at some point. Give my regards to your wife.
Isobel xx

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Thu 18th Aug 2011 19:19

Hi Steve - haven't seen or heard from you in a long time. Don't know if you are aware of the walk a few of us are going on at the week-end. Since it is over your way, I thought I'd give you a nudge - Dave Bradley, Julian, Deborah, Winston - to name but a few, will be going on it. All the details are on the homepage. It would be good to see you and hear some more of your black humour! x

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Wed 16th Mar 2011 13:49

Hi Steve - thanks for your comment. You are a trooper coming to the Tudor - testimony to just what a great venue it is! Thanks for doing the Jump poem for me - it is very original - amazing what we can make out of little experiences like that - though if I'd known it was a real life story originally, I probably wouldn't have chuckled quite so much! I won't be compering next month - so I shall be even more rat arsed - unless I draw the driving short straw.
Look forward to catching up. xx

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 14:44

Hi Steve - sorry to hear you can't make it - tho I can well understand. Give my regards to your wife and wish her a speedy recovery. You must be stashing up loads of poetry to read at the next one!
Isobel x

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Wed 15th Dec 2010 13:42

Hiya Steve – thanks for taking another look at Iconic. Yes – I think it needs more than one read to fully understand – I didn’t appreciate that at first. I’ve started telling people who the icons are now before I perform it so they have time to get the references (John Lennon, Lady Di, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King). I wanted to get Elvis in but it would have been too much of a squeeze ;)
Sorry you can’t make Thursday – Christmas does get manic with dos to go to – though I’m not too bad this year. Will look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the New Year – your stuff always makes me laugh! Take care and have a good one. xx

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Thu 4th Nov 2010 12:33

Thanks for your support Steve. Sorry you can't make it but the more people I have there in spirit, the better!
I LOVE your pub poem. I'd have been gutted if the Original Oak had been demolished - one less bowling green didn't quite hit me the same LOL. I loved the historical allusions in yours. It makes you realise how impermanent we really are - which is sad but so true. I'm glad you shared it with me.
Great that you can make the Tudor. I'll be doing both my slam pieces cos I have one sister who can't make it too and she wants to hear them live.
See you there. x

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Thu 12th Aug 2010 16:09

That's a very serious mug shot you've got up there Steve - you look like something out of a police line up LOL
Thanks for paying my profile a visit. It was great meeting you at Wigan - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Glad someone agrees with me about serious v funny poetry also. Having said all that, I would like nothing more than to be able to write funny poetry - it is so hard to do well. The best tonic ever for me is laughter - it can lift me right out of any grumpy mood I might be in. If you can tap into the right market with good witty poetry you could probably make more money out of it than you could serious stuff...but then we probably start to stray into comedy rather than poetry...
Look forward to seeing you around on the scene. x

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winston plowes

Tue 15th Jun 2010 23:47

Hi again steve. hope to catch up with you soon. always great to hear your words. Ther is certainly something engaging aboutyour work. Maybe I should come over to the Beehive again. x

<Deleted User> (7075)

Mon 26th Apr 2010 16:07

Hi Stephen... Good to see you on here. we have met at Hebdenandat the Beehive poets (I should get down there again soon) Good to see you writewhilst cycling, me too! if you post a poem as a blog entry people ar mor likely to come accross them and comment. win

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