Having a shower after watching the news headlines

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Having a shower after watching the News Headlines


It’s all about the 40th lime

And how I should rub my head with coconut butter

And every person wasting £400 of food a year

And other big headline claims

And I say

“Is that £400 of food from Aldi or from M&S?”

Who cares, it’s all cow pies to Desperate Dan

And it’s phosphorous bombs and child witches

And it’s Helmand Province and Hellman’s Mayo

It’s Taliban and Rayban

And all the time

We’re walking with one foot in the gutter

One step away from despair and fear

And isn’t it ourselves to blame

And I say

Looking at the horror and excess

Isn’t the greatest enemy of mankind, man?


Dec 28 2009

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Dave Morgan

Mon 23rd Jul 2012 21:09

Thank you Jonboy, very kind. Nice to see one of my annual poems still being read. Might encourage me to inflict more on the WoL fraternity/sorority. There is nothing that has happened since 2010 to make me think that we are going to hell in the proverbial hand cart other than the casual unsolicited kindness of individualresidents of this batty corporation.



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Mon 23rd Jul 2012 19:00

Hey Dave,
Great poem,'Isn't the greatest enemy of mankind,man?'. An interesting read. Great title.

<Deleted User> (9186)

Mon 4th Apr 2011 15:49

Everyone has their own truth but only a few can see the reality. Personally I choose to look the other way whilst keeping an eye on the ceiling so I can watch the shit approach and duck. You have a great way of putting things and I enjoy reading your work. As for commenting it gives me a strange feeling of being overwhelmed (or is it jealousy??) when I read something worthwhile, luckily for you you come into that bracket. (Thought it'd be cathartic to get that out, maybe it takes a while)

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Thu 31st Dec 2009 18:29

Man, that's dark dave. Bleak and dark, still, we are all just like every year around this time, hoping that things will once again change. Lets hope they do for this next decade, as the one we have just had i am glad to see the back of. Nice one Dave.

all the best for 2010


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