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Yvette Pauley on (Sat, 30 Jul 2016 07:07 am)

Martin Elder on (Tue, 26 Jul 2016 11:09 pm)

Pet rats and prison tats (or how I became to begrudgingly write poetry)

A world above the ground with numb feet and I want to remember how to write a haiku

I hate poetry but I'd find words to trade with you 

Each tasty word feels stale on paper. Awkward. Embarrassed. 

And always I come back to pet rats and prison tats

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Haikus for India: Part 1

Bones aching spine bent 

Do I have malaria? 

Please don't sh*t my pants 

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one day I'll be able to write about you

one day it will be a game 

i'll pick my way through imperfect words and it will be fun

instead of a wave of nausea and shock there will be calm and ease

so forgive me if you don't feature centre stage right now because if you did then I'm afraid the lights would all blow

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How to write a poem

Choose your topic. The less you know someone the better (worse) it will be. 

Write about what intrigues you about them. Avoid describing physical features like her eyes or hair. Be attentive to peculiar details if you must talk about features,  say you like the creases in his knuckles or her raw chewed fingernails. 

Since you've spent little to no time together, extract every drop of meaning...

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would you meet my family

would you like them

would you wear my clothes and paint my nails 

would you scream at me.  roll your eyes 

would you cry with me. over me 

would you grow. learn. feel safe 

would you tell me if you don't 

would I lie to you baby would I lie to you

would we be friends

would you dream about us 

would you make plans 

would you mean them


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