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Wembley Heroes

We are the Morecambe
The Shrimps to you
We are heading to Wembley
With a job to do
Our opponents are Newport County AFC
And they stand in our way
We have a mountain to climb
But the dream is still alive okay
It's the play off final yes indeed
A positive result is what we need
The game is on and we come alive
Ninety crazy minutes will we survive
The clock ticks down the time has gone

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Ron Hill - Born to Run

There's a little town in Lancashire they call Accrington
The birthplace of a legend and a sportsman elite
He set records year on year as he ran like the wind
He pushed himself to the limit and as a competitor was hard to beat
A world record holder and a marathon man to boot
From national records to Olympic glory he brightly shone
For 52 years and 39 days without a break he hit the ground run...

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Pleasure Beach

I was feeling kind of low I was definitely down
The time has come to leave and get the hell out of town
Let's go on a journey we need an adventure right now
We're heading way up north everybody say wow
The address is 525 ocean boulevard set your sat nav okay
Get your act together we are heading for the motorway


It's a mega mystery trip and we're kind of excited
Just turned onto the M...

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Fallen Nation


Christopher Columbus was the catalyst for our decline
Followed by a swarming plague of European greed
They came to divide and conquer and take our lands
Seen as savages of their knowledge we had no need
For generations we loved and lived at peace with nature
The buffalo roamed free and the rivers teemed with life
We had a deep connection and respect with the earth
Then the pale face wh...

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May I have been waiting for you to shine your light on me 

May you surround me with love and set me free

May now the flowers are blooming I can see my destiny 

May you have taken me to a place of pure ecstasy 

Lily of the valley your fragrance is truly sweet and divine 

Emerald green engulf me whole just one more time 


Take me on a journey that leads to summer days 

Step ...

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The Duke and Me

Way back in the distant mists of time

The nineteen eighties as I remember

I was working at the Dorchester hotel 

On the banquet bar in late December 

It was a black tie corporate affair 

Guest of honour was the Duke indeed

In the crystal room I manned the VIP bar

Catering to our distinguished guests needs

My instructions were to prepare a tray 

With a selection of drinks...

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St Patrick's Day - Shanty

It’s March the 17th and the drink is flowing

Irish eyes are smiling and their faces are glowing

The music is playing and a party we’re throwing

Happy St Patricks Day - Hey


My parents made a journey to start a new beginning

I was born in London town when the sixties were swinging

There was discrimination and racism was rife

No black’s dogs or Irish read the signs that’s li...

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International Women's Day - 2021

March the 8th 2021 is the date on the wall

A day of celebration to honour them one and all

International Women’s Day a time to duly reflect

For the women in your life and show due respect

It could be your loving mother so dear

That gave you the ultimate gift of life to revere

A wife or partner who guides you along the way

Through a world of trouble and strife day by day

A s...

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Stolen Heart

I was lost in a desert of disappointment 

Drowning in a stormy sea of sorrow

But then you came along and rescued me 

Now I have got a brand new tomorrow

I bask in the eternal sunshine of your  soul

As I float on a cloud in a clear blue sky

Warm inside despite the winter chill 

Remembering the day when you caught my eye 


You have taken me to a wondrous place 

An oasi...

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Twilight Run

At eight on the dot out of the house I trot.

Destination the coast and the Irish sea

The air is fresh cool crisp and invigorating

The promenade bids a chilly welcome to me

I was born to run and the twilight beckons

With fleet of foot energetically out I stride 

The sky looms dark broody and angry

I have the tempestuous sea by my side

Crashing foam crested waves hound me


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2021 - Bring It On

On planet earth the new year is welcomed in its 2021

It just arrived meekly and quietly well I’ll be a son of a gun

No jubilant crowds watching fireworks it’s just been done

I just wanted to celebrate and have some annual fun

There’s nowhere to hide now you got me on the run

You truly took me by surprise hello 2021


We said our last goodbyes to 2020 farewell ya man

Most fo...

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It's Christmas (Soul) Time

One hell of a year it’s been and man I was feeling low

There have been times when on I just couldn’t go

But I am going to be strong no more time for hesitation

There’s a celebration exploding all across the nation

It’s Christmas time so let’s get this party started

Put a big smile on the faces of the broken hearted


Now’s the time to give out a little peace and love

Bare y...

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Christmas Carole

Strolling down a festive Fishergate in a tinsel wonderland

Up in the inviting night sky I see a special star all aglow

Pointing the way to my true and final destination

My perilous journey begins once again don’t you know

I feel so very deja vous and time has suddenly rewound

Memories they come flooding back and I grieve

The season of goodwill holds me in its friendly hand

I m...

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Forget Them Not

All is calm and quiet on The Western Front

The landscape is lush and full of life and colour

Hiding ghostly memories and deep scars of sorrow

Man and boy they answered the rallying call to arms

For king and country they marched off into battle

They sacrificed their today to guarantee our tomorrow

The war to end all wars was the ultimate goal

Freedom from oppression and tyranny...

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Scream It's Halloween

I go by the name of Henry and I have a torrid tale to tell

The date was Saturday October 31st in the year 2020

A day I will never forget a night of pure living hell

A pretty young thing called Camilla caught my roving eye

We had dallied and danced for a couple of weeks

About time I invited her over to wine and dine oh my

The scene was set and I cooked up a delicious storm

She ...

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October 10

Woke up this morning with a total war raging in my head

The calendar on the wall screamed out loud October 10

Looked out of my tearful window on a Covid-19 wasteland

Another year has passed me by, its World Mental Health Day once again

Better get my act together and put on a masked painted smile

Take my medication and fight the lonesome Autumn blues

Step out boldly into the teemi...

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Tears in Tennessee

It’s been a long time since the Wichita Lineman hit the open road

By the time you get to Phoenix his soothing voice will lighten your heavy load

The shores of Galveston are a distant memory but the heartache still ensues

Then again you never forget those warm Southern Nights that give you the blues

A Country Boy from Arkansas who dreamed The Impossible Dream

He Tried a Little Kindn...

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