The Other Side of the Sunset

One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay". I often contemplate the poem's meaning and recite it to myself. This week I have contemplated its meaning, once again, as I battled with the struggles of teenage life (and seemingly lost that battle). The poem below is a result of the week's hardships, newfound determination, and an appreciation of nature and of Mr. Frost's poems....

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The Fall

It was magic -

For a whole three days I was in a state of eternal bliss.



Like a deflating balloon,

I sank back to earth.


I thought happily Ever After would last forever.

But I was wrong. - 

Happily Ever After turned out to be


but then what's after?


Like a pendulum I swung from joy to despair.

My ruby Yin was incomplete without its emeral...

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