The Other Side of the Sunset

One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay". I often contemplate the poem's meaning and recite it to myself. This week I have contemplated its meaning, once again, as I battled with the struggles of teenage life (and seemingly lost that battle). The poem below is a result of the week's hardships, newfound determination, and an appreciation of nature and of Mr. Frost's poems. 



"Nothing gold can stay."

Oh, how true that was today.

Foolish bliss was shattered,

while hearts gushed and oozed,

trust was misplaced,

and we all felt beaten and bruised.


And as I looked to the Westward sun

and saw its dimming light

- knowing that faded eye knew of our dreadful plight-

while the valley sighed in purple hues

and I cried out in my heart.

Becoming one with those indigo blues;

for we were driven far apart.


And all at once, hope for us seemed lost.

For the sun had turned to a glimmer

and the world was covered in Frost.


But then,

as I was about to succumb to despair,

I saw something shine and shimmer

and I looked East to see what was there.


It was the Mountains!

Those grass-encrusted boulders of stone.

With the reflection of the sun's dying light they told me

that we are never alone.

The gold of the hills, then brought a tear to my eye.

For I knew right then and there

that we would again find the hope to try.


For it was now clear that our dented hearts were gold.

And they would not,

could not

be forced to grow cold.


My heart beat with the glowing mountains.

And then the sun gave its final flash,

and they became what they had been before:

rocky hills and rills jutting through the earthen floor.


But I knew better this time.

Because if given the chance,

those hills would once again shine and dance.

For they had hearts of gold

and they willingly taught

the value of a show of mettle

when the night surrounds you and you're caught.


So, "Nothing gold can stay."

Oh, how true this was today.

But, while Eden sinks to grief,

I will turn a new leaf.

"Nothing gold can stay."

And so I'll hold onto hope for another day.

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