Who are we?

Who are we if we don’t fight for equality?

Equality of every race and creed. 


Who are we if we don’t stand for what we believe?


If we were built on freedom and justice for all then tell me how you can stand tall. 

While mothers fall to their knees begging for mercy. 

While you speak of walls and greatness. 


JESUS give me patience cause this man’s ignorance is complacent. 


      but I digress


Who are we if we let the tolerance of stupidity drown out the please coming from our streets?


Who are we if we don’t fight for the rights of common decency for all human beings? 


Who are we if we ignore that this country is rotten at the core?


Who are we if this country doesn’t change? 

       I don’t know, but we sure as hell won’t be we the free anymore.

◄ Invisible Child


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th Jul 2020 16:06

Ah...but what country? Hardly restricted to any one example across the world. Common decency is the admirable aim - just as it should be. Perhaps it comes down to "take as you find" and "do as you would be done by" in the end..

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