She is her choice

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You look at your lover's eyes,
call them as stars..
But you look at all those stars,
And never call them her eyes...

You look at your baby girl,
Call her a rose..
But you look at a rose,
And never call it's your girl...

Then you look at this girl,
thought it was her sister...
But you look at her sister,
And never called it's that girl...

She is a rose in a garden 
She is a star that shines in the sky
Or call her that happy darkness,
Which let that other star shines...

She can be a star or,
Someone's valuable eyes..
She can be a rose or,
Someone's valuable... it's fine.. 

If this all sounds matters to you 
Remember this words of mine..
It was all what she choses to be,
Still be happy and fine..

Roovi Galhena

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Ruvi Galhena

Wed 24th Jan 2018 15:07

Hi Gaja, Thank you very much darling.. I'm glad you like it :) and yah happy to hear from you after a long time

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Wed 24th Jan 2018 06:34

My new favorite from u ^^

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