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Shades of Blue

So many shades of blue cover the path

to my horizon.  Clouds shelter my spot

right now – but I can see sunshine sparking

God’s flashes away in the distance.  One

spot – maybe close, maybe far – reacts to

a cloud-break; glorious, eye-piercing sharp-hard

brilliance.  Maybe that’s you watching me,

settled on the shaded sea, showing off

you Angel status.  I remember you,


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The loss of human nature

I live by necessity,

I compromise my desires

for security.  Ideals

compromised for base comforts.


I play by rules I believe

to be fundamentally

unfair.  I envy the gulls

I lie watching at the coast.


They live by urge - fly here, fly

there - investigate a pile

of seaweed, take off out to

sea to sit and bob for hours.


I envy the fox, living

by in...

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