Our Lives, Our Lives

The sharp sounds of popping gun shots.

The sharp reality of every shot heard

rings out to another mindless death

another mindful human being.

The gunmen hidden from view

finding it hard to relate

Hard to understand...

the gunmen's venomous hate.

Senseless killing, screams chilling.

Scrambling to escape in any route they find.

Clinging to window panes

Whilst panicked others ran...

For their life, for their life

They ran for their life.


The deep throaty rumble of a blast

Eerie silence, followed by a clearer deadly explosion.

First one almost mistaken

Second, almost reality as the fear spreads like wild fire.

White shirt officials jump to there shiny black shoes

Swift to move out

As the raging gunmen swift to move in.

Trapped and encircled within this stadium

"To the pitch, to the grassy green pitch!"

Scrambling over the plastic, red seats

Keeping as low as possible

As panicked others ran...

For their life, for their life

They ran for their life.


Muffled whispers, shuffling feet

Looking to the red and blue lights

Dancing in the dark distance

The police sirens greet

Survivors with shock and relief.

Wearily moving forward in a tight convoy

keeping check, in-line.

The national anthem can be heard

chanted within the defiant crowd

Flashbulbs crack as the media jostle for position

"We are the lucky ones"

A survivor weeps.

We panicked like others, we ran...

For our lives, for our lives

We ran for our lives...

◄ A view from afar

One mans thoughts ►


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Alex mills

Thu 19th Nov 2015 21:50

Wow,Thank you..I think... Sorry for the late reply. At the end I did yes as they were the ones to escape with their lives whilst the previous didn't....from a survivors point of view.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 17th Nov 2015 21:20

Powerful message, expressing the panic without exaggerated detail. The repetition is very effective. Perhaps readers just could not deal with this subject right away; but I think you have written a good poem about it.

Did you deliberately intend one verse to use 'life' instead of 'lives'? It seems a bit odd.

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