One mans thoughts

A whispering wind from the south blows tonight, 
A candle light flickers
In the windows 
No shame?
Not one to blame!

Lost souls 
Once more 
A somber mood 
Witnessed too much
Splitting a wound 
Pained To the touch
85 lives 
Too much a toll.

With love
With love
We still stand tall
With hate 
With hate
To be you 
 pitifully small

We blow a western wind 
Your way
With love that will grow,
Standing up
To the disease you throw
United, strong. 
Corroding your hate
My, how you must feel
So wrong. 
No meaning in the words
You claim
Islamic state

All we need is love.

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Alex mills

Mon 25th Jul 2016 21:39

I don't have the answers...I have love though. You know...the more you give, the more it spreads! Kindness. It spreads like wild fire. :))

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 19th Jul 2016 13:15

I remain perplexed about the lack of preventative security
that enabled a wicked mindset to steer a 20 ton truck
unimpeded along a famous coast route in an equally
famous city. I wonder why, in view of the history of
terrorist attacks using vehicles to arrive and depart, a
series of strategic barriers had not been put in place
slowing but allowing pedestrian flow that could be
controlled and inspected, whilst preventing vehicular
access on such an important national day. Has the
French state really caught up with what we here in the
UK understand and accept as an inconvenience in our

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